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Economilha .com: What Are the Reviews & Legitimacy of It? Find

In this article, we discuss the Brazilian website in a more comprehensive manner along with its specification details. 

Are you the person who is planning to travel in the near future? Then, have you heard of, where they help you get your flights at the lowest cost?

In this article, you are going to learn about the cost-effective flight services website from Brazil. In addition to that, we explain the reviews, pros and cons of the website as well, so read till the end.

About the website

Economilha is a ticket-finding website that helps customers land at the perfect flight at the lowest cost. They provide consultation services as well, so anyone can book their flight tickets just 15 days prior.

Purpose of the website

  • They provide multiple airlines for multiple dates to travel.
  • They offer a flexible option to choose business or economy class tickets.
  • They have an exclusive “promotion radar option, so the website can provide the best deals and offers to their customers.
  • They offer a one-day free trial option.
  • They have easy subscription cancellation procedures.
  • Their basic plan starts at R$ 9,90 per month, and their pro program starts at R$ 49,90 per month.

Specifications of the website

Email address: They didn’t provide the email address; instead, they asked the customers to submit their email addresses for contacting them.

Contact number: The contact number is not available. social media activity: They have their own Instagram account and have managed to get 263 followers. And four posts can be seen as well.

Privacy policy: they have shared their privacy policy in a detailed manner.

Terms of use details: It is available.

Economilha reviews

We couldn’t see the customer reviews on the official website of Economila, but on their social media page, some people have commented on their posts. But reviews on the workings and features of the website are not seen anywhere on the internet.


  • They have a social media account, so they are sincere about their business.
  • This website provides complete details about their work and also helps customers get their data easily.
  • Even they are offering one-day free trial options.
  • The website has a very good trust score.


  • They didn’t provide their contact information.
  • The customer care support system is not available.
  • The popularity of the website could be better.

Legitimacy of the website

These are the technical parameters of a website that help us find the true nature of the website.

  • Domain age: September 30, 2022, 12:00 am; thus, the age of the website is 1 year.
  • Domain expiry date: September 30, 2024
  • Trust score: 100%
  • Domain status: registered
  • Threat profile: 10/100
  • Spam Score: 1/100
  • HTTPS connection: a valid HTTPS connection found on the website
  • Malware score: 10/100
  • Domain Blacklist Status: It wasn’t blocklisted by any search engines. offerings

There are two types of services being offered by this website.

  • The basic plan
  • Pro plan

According to the cost of the plan, the amenities differ, but they value each customer a lot. Readers can also read about this article on how to stay away from credit card scams.

Social media presence

Instagram: EconoMilha (@economilha.oficial) • Instagram photos and videos


Thus, we have analyzed the website completely, and this website seem to be a legit one that has started its new ticket-finding business on Still, we urge the people to double-check all their conditions and services before paying them to take the tickets. Visit the website to know more details about it, Economilla

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Disclaimer: This article shares real and unbiased views about the mentioned website.

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