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Echo Refund Scam: Explore Features And Reviews Of The Site Here

The article is about the details of the Echo Refund Scam and an alternative website.

What is an Echo Refund Scam? What type of services does Echo Refund provide? Do you want to know if Echo Refund Scam or not? People from the United Kingdom and several other countries are trying to get information on this Echo Refund and its services. Hence, read this article entirely to understand better. 

Is Echo Refund A Scam Or Not?

As per the available information, this website provides debt recovery services. It means the website is in the financial service sector. Thus, it is essential to determine the legitimacy of the website. Here are some pointers about the website to ascertain its legitimacy:

  • Trust Score: The website has a meager trust rating of just 2.0 out of 100.
  • Domain creation date: No information is available.
  • Echo Refund Reviews: No reviews are available anywhere.
  • Popularity of the website: NIL
  • HTTPS connection: No HTTPS connection found.
  • Suspicious website: Highly suspicious website.
  • Phishing Score: Not available
  • Spam Score: Not available 
  • Malware Score: Not available
  • Social Media: No information available.

The above information points towards the website being highly suspicious and dubious. Thus, we recommend our users to stay away from this website. The biggest concern about this website is that it is not accessible, and the Google search suggests a typo in the name of the website. 

Disclaimer: No website was found with the ‘Echo Refund’ keyword. But a website named ‘Echo-ms’ provides services similar to the Echo Refund. Thus, we will discuss the latter website at the end. 

More Details on Echo Refund

Echo Refund Scam or not? Its website is not accessible, and there is no information about the website present on the internet. No domain creation date is provided; even a Google search suggests that the keyword has some typo. Thus, we decided to dig deeper and further. Most of the review articles on Echo Refund are from early to mid-2021, and the website’s link provided by one of these articles is not working.

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A website with a Similar Name and Industry

A website named ‘Echo-Ms’ provides financial services and manages debt recovery for their clients, just like Echo Refund Scam. Thus, we will talk about this website in brief. 

  • Website URL:
  • Trust Score: This website is trustworthy, scoring 100.
  • Domain creation date: It was created on 19th December 2000 (Tuesday).
  • Probability of being a suspicious website: 8 out of 100. 
  • Testimonials & Feedback: they need to improve in the reviews section.
  • Social Media Presence: They are available on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 
  • Country of origin: U.K.
  • Website’s interface: It is good.
  • Contact details: Provided 
  • Office Bearers: Details provided
  • Links to Social media accounts:
  • Expiration date: 19th December 2023

All these points show that the website is trustworthy and credible, unlike the Echo Refund Scam. We could not access the Echo refund website because the website is non-existent, and this site has almost similar names & services. 


The article has provided all the details about the Echo Refund website and tried to ascertain the authenticity of this site. The website needs to be more trustworthy, looks suspicious, and is non-existent. We recommend our users beware of these scams and look for authentic alternatives. The website’s domain age is also not available, and any of its details. For more information, click here and learn more about the scams.

Are you aware of the Echo Refund Scam? Please comment below your opinion about the website and the alternative website. 

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