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Ecc Contract Address (Sep) Token Price & How To Buy!

This article will give all the information regarding Ecc coin and Ecc Contract Address which helps you try.

We all are aware of cryptocurrencies, right? Crypto investment is entirely a different concept, and nowadays, everyone is looking forward to investing their money into it. Traders keep evaluating cryptos and keep searching for the best crypto which gives good returns. 

So here, this article is for traders looking for ECC crypto information and want to know Ecc Contract Address. At the same time, people from Nigeria and India have also expressed their curiosity. 

Let’s discuss further.

About the Ecc Token:

ECC token is a decentralized token which made for financial autonomy and safeguards users privacy. The protocol of this project is to build a flexible foundation of microservices similar to current internet services. The network helps to chat, messaging with more security, and chat will support cross-chain swapping service. The traders can swap a wide range of coins in a p2p manner, and no KYC is required and with no third-party involvement. 

ECC project gives more security over users’ data and is a fully decentralized, end-to-end encrypted project. Here the Ecc Contract Address is not required, and ”crypto keys” are used instead of the traceable IP address.  

Ecc Founder and Developers:

ECC token developer’s name is Greg Griffith, and he took this project in 2017. Along with other team members, he established a new website with the roadmap, and new Wallet Sapphire has been developed.  

Price of ECC token:

The current price of the token on various platforms is as follows.

  • CoinMarket Cap – $0.000163 and holds a rank #5326. The price has been down by 5.40% in the last 24 hours, with a trading volume of $48.61. 

Before knowing Ecc Contract Address, let us inform prices on another platform as well.

  • CoinGecko – $0.00016309, and there is no ranking mentioned. The price drop has been seen in the last 24 hours by 64.9%. The trading volume is $48.69. 
  • Coinbase – $0.000442/ 0.0325 Rupees with a trading volume of 14,188.82 Rupees. 

Supply And Market Cap:

ECC token has a good supply, but there are not many holders and transactions. 

  • Current Supply – 24,999,999,999.98309
  • Circulating Supply – 0
  • Maximum Supply – 25,000,000,000 ECC coins.
  • Market Cap – $4,056,650.05 is questionable.

Ecc Contract Address:

You can trade ECC on few exchanges like CREX24, cPaTeX, and p2pb2b. The wallets are LYNX, ECC-ELECTRUM, CLI-DAEMON. There is no contract address mentioned anywhere on sales.

Price Prediction: 

The coin price will rise in the future but at a slow rate and is predicted as,

  • 2022 – $0.0002893696
  • 2023 – $0.0003369332
  • 2024 – $0.0004194664
  • 2026 -$0.0005812811
  • 2028 -$0.0007244743

How To Buy Ecc Token?

ECC tokens purchased from Coinbase and CREX24. It would help if you had Bitcoin and Ethereum in your wallet. It can be purchased by credit card and by bank account. To Buy the ECC coin, Ecc Contract Address is not required. Just purchase using credit cards.

  • Go to Coinbase and create an account. 
  • Then purchase BTC and ETH at coinbase.
  • Make sure to add a payment method to purchase an ECC coin.
  • It would be best to hold a wallet that supports ECC and transfer the BTC or ETH to a wallet.


  1. What is the official website of Ecc Coin?

Website: https:// ecc.network/

  1. Will the price of Ecc rise in the future?

Yes, but potential growth and not much profitable. 

Do not forget to monitor the recent updates of the coin.


After deep research, we found that Ecc Contract Address is not available, and we can buy it directly using credit and Paypal. Have you planned to check the price and want to purchase an Ecc coin? If yes, do not forget to share your point of view.

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