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Eat Kochi Eat Rahul Death Reason: Explore Complete Details On Food Vlogger, Age

Our post on Eat Kochi Eat Rahul Death Reason will let you know the reason for the death of Food Vlogger Rahul and his Age.  

Did you hear about Rahul N Kutty? Why is this name trending on social media? He was an Indian influencer famous for food blogs. However, Eat Kochi Eat Rahul Death Reason started trending online after the blogger committed suicide. His followers in Canada, Australia, India, the United States, and the United Kingdom were shocked to learn about his death. Here, we will uncover some important details about his death. 

About Eat Kochi Eat Rahul Death Reason! 

As per online sources, the famous food blogger, Rahul N Kutty who explored the least explored food items was found dead in his apartment in Tripunithura. The sources revealed that it was an unnatural death and he died by suicide. The investigation on the matter is not completed yet. He ran the page, Eat Kochi Eat in which he used to share videos of the unexplored food items in Kochi. More than 4 lakh people used to follow him. He was found hanging in his room on November 3, 2023. The death update was revealed on the official Instagram handle of his team.

Eat Kochi Eat Rahul Age

Rahul N Kutty was a young influencer who was only 33 years old. He was previously working in Erin Labs as the Chief Sales Officer until 2021. He started his blogging journey in 2015 and used to explore many different places and this journey has given him a lot of name and fame. His followers started increasing and his journey was superhit until this tragedy happened. He was survived by his two-year-old child and his wife. This is the worst moment for his family. Moreover, the reason behind his suicide was unknown. The police team is investigating the matter and trying to find the Reason for his death.

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Eat Kochi Eat Food Vlogger Rahul

The Eat Kochi Eat food blogger, Rahul N Kutty died of suicide three days ago. The updates are trending all over social media. His family and friends could not believe this incident. Moreover, the reason for suicide remains unknown neither his family revealed any tensions with Rahul. It was an unfortunate incident and it was unbelievable for everyone to believe that the person who had always entertained others by exploring new tasty dishes for his followers could be suffering any mind stress due to which he had taken this step. Moreover, people have been making different assumptions about Eat Kochi Eat Food Vlogger Rahul N Kutty’s death. 

We must give some time to the family as it is a difficult time for them. His followers are eager to know the reason for suicide. The team is making all efforts to know the reason.

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Final Summary

Summing up this research, we have informed the readers of the death of Rahul N Kutty. People should explore the videos of this blogger on his YouTube Channel. Moreover, during this hard time, one must give some space to the family of Rahul.

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DISCLAIMER: People should not make any assumptions about the death of Rahul and must give time and space to the family during this tough time.

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