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Dylan Butler Perry Iowa Tiktok: Check Details On The Instagram Post Before Shooting

Are you searching for Dylan Butler Perry Iowa TikTok and Instagram before the Shooting post? Do check the details in this post.

Have you heard of the Perry Lowa School shooting incident? What happened in the school, and what are the recent updates? People of the United States were again frightened after hearing the news of gunshot incidents on the school premises. Check out the details on one of the heart-breaking incidents through our post, Dylan Butler Perry Iowa TikTok.

How can we check Dylan Butler Perry Iowa TikTok post?

The investigating officer recovers a TikTok post of Dylan Butler before executing the shooting incident. He posted a selfie of him in the bathroom stall with a blue duffle bag with the caption, “Now we wait.”

Now, the post is no longer available as it has been removed. Also, his social media account has been taken down. According to the sources, the TikTok post he shared had background music, “Stray Bullet.” 

Dylan Butler Shooting incident:

Dylan Butler Shooting incident

A horrific incident happened when the Iowa school opened after a winter break. It was the first day of school in 2024. Butler entered a school with a pump-action shotgun and small caliber handgun and opened shooting. The mass shooting left a sixth-grade student dead and five others, including the principal, wounded.

The official identified the Iowa School shooter as 17-year-old Dylan Butler. Later, he shot himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the investigating division of Iowa School. An explosive device was discovered, which was later destroyed by police. The police have yet to release the names of the victims and injured people in this case.

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Dylan Butler Perry Iowa Instagram:

After Dylan Buttler’s TikTok account was removed, people started searching for his Instagram ID. After searching, we could not find his Instagram account, and we are not sure if he has one.

As per news sources, Dylan Butler is the son of Jack Butler and Erin Butler. Jack is the manager of Perry Municipal Airport. The information on what his parents have to say about their son’s activity is not in public now.

What do investigating officers say in Dylan Butler Shooting?

What do investigating officers say in Dylan Butler Shooting

According to the police press conference, the Dallas County Sheriff said they received a call about a Perry High School shooting at 7.37 a.m. local time. They can see multiple victims of gunshots within 5-7 minutes of arrival.

Investigating officers are looking for numerous social media posts to understand the motive behind this incident. However, various reports suggest Dylan did this for the long-time bullying he was going through. Iowa State Patrol suggests informing 911 if anybody crosses disturbing social media posts.

Social Media Post:

Dylan Butler Perry Iowa Instagram: Not available


Dylan Butler and one more kid are dead after the Perry High School incident that left multiple injured, along with the principal. The first school mass shooting of 2024 incident has raised many questions about the safeguarding of the kids on the school premises. Also, the nature of social media posts and the motive behind such posts is widely taken into consideration. You can check the details of the Iowa School shooting suspect here.

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Disclaimer: The news here will be updated frequently as the reports from the investigation are released. We suggest checking the latest update on this.

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