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Dylan Butler Perry Iowa Parents: Know About Iowa Shooter & High School!

The post discusses Dylan Butler Perry Iowa Parents with the Iowa Shooter from Perry High School.

Do you hear the shocking shooting news from Perry High School? Do you know the reason behind the thrilling shooting that happened in Perry High School on 4th January 2024? Are you aware of the suspect of the shooting from Perry High School? The news of a deadly shooting by a student from Perry High School has shocked the entire United States.

Since this shooting news came into the headings, people are curious to know the reason behind the shooting and who the real culprit behind this deadly incident is. To know every detail associated with the incident, read the Dylan Butler Perry Iowa Parents post till the end, as we have shared all the necessary information related to the incident here.

What happened to the Dylan Butler Perry Iowa Parents?

The news of the deadly shooting in Perry High School by its student Dylan Butler shocked the entire society. Since the news of this deadly incident came into the headlines, people have been shocked and curious about Dylan Butler’s parents. 

Jack Butler and Erin Butler are Dylan Butler’s parents. Currently, Jack Butler is the manager of Perry Municipal Airport, and he also formerly worked as the public works director of Perry City. However, after the incident, the victim’s parents did not instantly give up on 4th January 2024.

What happened to the Dylan Butler Perry Iowa Parents

What happened in the Dylan Butler Perry High School?

On Thursday, 4th January 2024, a High school student, Dylan Butler, from Perry High School, started shooting in the school. He started shooting approximately 20 minutes before the school was about to start. Butler started shooting at the students soon after he returned to the school immediately after winter break. 

Dylan Butler was 17, a 17-year-old High School Student who shot six people, including a student from sixth class. Butler shot various people and then pointed guns at himself, and he also posted a selfie on his TikTok account. 

The police informed that in Dylan Butler Perry Iowa Shooter incident, Dylan Butler posted a selfie from the bathroom with a bag packed by his feet in blue color. On the selfie, he wrote the caption, “Now we wait.”

Further Details about the incident

According to the police, Dylan Butler posted a selfie on his social media account with a “Stray Bullet” song. The KMFDM rock group sings the song. Eric Harris widely used this song on his personal website. Eric Harris was one of the deadly shooters in the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. However, the Butler has 250 followers on his social media platform.

Since the Dylan Butler Perry High School incident happened, Butler’s social media platform has been shut down. Though police have informed that there are a total of six people who died in the incident, among which is a sixth-class student also, police haven’t revealed the names of any victims. 

Further Details about the incident

The investigation into the incident is in progress, and police haven’t released any official statement regarding the reason, nor have they released the victim’s identity. However, for further information, you can check out the social media links below.

Social Media Links-


Active Shooter Perry High School Dallas County – NBC News
byu/Big_Trees inIowa


On Thursday, 4th January 2024, Dylan Butler, a high school student from Perry High School, shot six people. Butler shot six people, among which there was a class six student who reportedly died. However, the further investigation is under the process

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