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Dualeotruyenk Com: Explore The Features And Legitimacy Of The Site

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Dualeotruyenk com to learn about its features, services, and authenticity.

In Vietnam, reading e-books and online comic series is a culture compared to watching it in the form of films and videos. Dualeotruyenk.com is a website publishing e-books and comics on more than 21 grownup comic categories, featuring filters and sorting options. Would you like to know more about Dualeotruyenk com?

About Dualeotruyenk.com:

All the comic series pages on Dualeotruyenk contain:

  • An introduction to the series.
  • A list of chapters to access.
  • A comment section.

Additional information, such as 

  • The date of publishing the e-comic series, 
  • Last update date, 
  • The status of the series as completed or being updated, and 
  • Number of views and followers are also included.

Options to report errors in the series, telegram subscription, direct links to new episodes, reading the series from the beginning, and donation options are featured up front on Dualeotruyenk.com pages. Dualeotruyenk.com featured e-comics related to:

  • Manga Dualeotruyen Pp,
  • Manhua,
  • Manhwa 18+ Romance,
  • Harem Color Story,
  • BoyLove,
  • GirlLove,
  • Adventure,
  • Yaoi,
  • Humor,
  • Encyclopedia,
  • Reincarnation,
  • Drama,
  • Action,
  • Ancient,
  • Echi,
  • Hentai,
  • Romance,
  • Beast Man,
  • Yuri,
  • Oneshot,
  • Doujinshi, and
  • ABO

The features of Dualeotruyenk.com:

The only customer service contact details provided is an email – dualeotruyen2023@gmail.com, which is a generic free email service. Dualeotruyenk.com did not include a physical address or identity and contact details of its owner. Dualeotruyenk did not include a mission statement. 

However, it includes a disclosure stating that Dualeotruyenk is not responsible for any content featured on the website. If any entity gets affected by the content, then such content will be removed once reported.

Dualeotruyenk com did not include terms of usage, cookie and privacy policies, FAQs, service deliverables, etc. Its IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) issued by Google Trust Services LLC for the next 73-days. 

Dualeotruyenk.com has an average of 991.4K monthly from Vietnam(100%), the United States, Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan, yielding a $238.7K traffic value. Dualeotruyenk has a load time of 5.33 seconds with a 66% D-performance grade, which is considered slow. 

The legitimacy of Dualeotruyenk.com:

Dualeotruyenk.com gained a poor 37% trust, 38.2% business, high 51% suspicion, 42% threat, 36% malware, 15% spam, 42% phishing scores, zero Alexa rank, and 2/100 Domain Authority. Dualeotruyenk com’s Spam profile suggests Dualeotruyenk is unsafe for users’ personal and payment details. Its poor business index suggests that Dualeotruyenk is highly risky for financial transactions, and its overall suspicion profile suggests a risk for user devices and data on it.

Dualeotruyenk relays its services from server serial number 0203bc50a32753f0918022edf1 and 77bd0d6cdb36f91aea210fc4f058d30d, targeting jeff.ns.cloudflare.com(IP and melany.ns.cloudflare.com(IP located in Japan and the USA respectively.

Dualeotruyenk is not blacklisted and uses a secured HTTPS protocol. Cosmotown Inc. is the registrar of Dualeotruyenk, and CloudFlare Inc., from the USA, is its ISP provider. Dualeotruyenk com is a young website registered in the USA on 16th/August/2023 for the next one year. Click here to learn about credit card scams, as Dualeotruyenk’s registration will expire within the next 11-months and 14-days on 16th/August/2024.

Social media links:

Dualeotruyenk.com is not present on social media and did not include any social media links. However, audience is redirected to Dualeotruyenk.com from dualeotruyenvn.com, dualeotruyengo.com, dualeotruyenhot.com, dualeotruyenz.com, dualeotruyen24h.com, dualeotruyenzz.com, dualeotruyen3s.com, and dualeotruyen24.com.


Dualeotruyenk.com is possibly a scam due to its trust, business, malware, suspicion, threat, spam, phishing, Alexa and DA profile. Click here to learn about Phishing. Two website reviews, three social media reviews, and one Video review suggest that Dualeotruyenk com is possibly unauthentic. Click here to learn about PayPal scams, as there are no user-posted reviews or ratings on customer service websites. Hence, Dualeotruyenk.com is not recommended.

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