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Dromos Coin {Aug 2021} Token Price, Chart, Prediction

 This article describes an altcoin gaining popularity among crypto investors due to its high return on capital since it’s inception. So read about Dromos Coin.

Are you looking to explore new crypto coins with a high potential for providing higher returns on your investment? If yes, you have reached the right article. Read the complete article to understand more about this new crypto.

Due to the enormous returns provided by cryptocurrencies in the past few years, investors from the United States, Netherlands and Canada are adding new cryptos to their investment portfolio to increase the chance of return from their investments. Keep reading to know more on Dromos Coin.

About Dromos Token

Dromos Token is a DeFi based crypto token that uses the Binance blockchain. It is used for farming, lotteries, liquidity pools, and auto-compounding. Dromos also helps to connect the gap between the pragmatists and decentralized finance of the financial world. It has multiple features that enable it to operate in a wide variety of fields, increasing demand.

This cryptocurrency is based on a decentralized finance exchange, which runs on the popular Binance Smart Chain. So, for safe and secure cryptocurrency storage in prominent wallets such as TrustWallet and Metamask.

Market Supply of Dromos Token

 The market supply for Dromos Coin is as follows;

  • Price in $US: $0.002126972731
  • Price Change % in 1hr: -7.5%
  • Current Liquidity Pool: 6.97088003 BNB
  • Total Supply: 950,590,360
  • Market cap: $2,021,879
  • Number of Holders :959
  • Number of transactions: 7606
  • Ticker symbol: DRM
  • Token contract address: 0x6b236e2ddaa235256cd7e3fecbfd940c5287dbda

Dromos Token Founder

No details about the founder of the Dromos token are found. The founders are active on the Twitter account and provide updates regarding the token, yet the founders stay anonymous. If there is any new information regarding the founders, it will be added to the next article relating to Dromos token.

How to Buy Dromos

The process of buying Dromos involves these simple steps mentioned below;

  • Find out the contract address. It is available on the official Dromos website and also on the Bscscan page.
  • Copy the contract address from the contract profile.
  • Get connected to the wallet you prefer. If you are a Pancakeswap wallet user, you can connect the wallet with Pancakeswap.
  • Paste the contract address in the option present in the currency selection menu.
  • Then click the “Add” and choose DRM.
  • After that, swap the sliders present under the exchange and set the slippage tolerance to 12%. This process is necessary as the Dromos Coin is in its early stage.
  • The next step is to input the number of tokens you are willing to trade and proceed with the transaction process. After the final transaction, your Dromos coin will be available, which can be traded as per your convenience. 


Q1: Is the details regarding the Dromos token available in BscScan?

A1: Yes, all the detailed information, including the total supply, number of holders, transfers, and contract address related to Dromos can be found in BscScan. 

Q2: What is the official website of Dromos Token?

A2: The official website of Dromos is https://dromos.online

Q3: How to Buy Dromos?

A3: It can be brought from Pancakeswap by providing the contract address for the Dromos token. It involves few simple steps, which is mentioned above in the same article.


Like all other altcoins out there, Dromos also has a higher possibility to provide its investors higher returns in the future. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, ensure the risk involved for the reward suits your investing style.

What is your opinion about investing in new altcoins? Would you please share your opinion with us? You can also refer to Dromo’s whitepaper  to understand in-depth about Dromos Coin.

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