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{Trend Video} Drive By Video Viral On Twitter: Details On Shooting Clip Reddit

This post on Drive by Video Viral On Twitter will give you full-fledged details on Drive By Shooting Video Reddit.

Did you watch the drive-by video? Do you know what the video includes? Drive by Video Viral On Twitter is a viral video of a boy who was shot dead during an instagram live in his car. The boy was a famous rapper who was shot dead in his car in daylight. There are many cases of drive-by nowadays in the United States. In this article, we will give you all the information on the drive-by cases that are popular in the country.

Drive by Video Viral On Twitter

The drive-by video is spreading on the internet as there have been many cases of drive-by. A video of the rapper is also spreading on the internet. In the drive-by video, a rapper who is famous with the name of an Indian Red boy was shot dead while he was driving a car. The rapper was live on his instagram account when he was shot dead. Many people recorded the video of the rapper and posted it on other social media platforms such as Twitter. You can find the video of the rapper on Twitter as it is still posted by some people.

What is another Drive By Shooting Video?

Not only the rapper, but many people have lost their lives due to drive-by shootings. The recent cases include one man and a woman who were arrested for shooting in Guildford on 27 November. The video footage of the shooting is not available on any platform. After the incident happened, the police were called to the scene to investigate the matter. The woman was arrested at the scene but was released later. On Wednesday, the woman was arrested again and was charged with two counts. A thirty-year-old man is also arrested with three counts. 

What is another Drive By Shooting Video

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Drive by Video Reddit 

There are many drive-by-case videos on reddit. There is another case that is also trending as the drive-by case. The case is some years old but nowadays it is trending as people are searching for its surveillance video. San Antonio, a drive-by shooting was held in 2017 in which a 4-year-old boy was shot dead. The boy, De’Earlvion Whitley was playing inside his home when the shooting happened. 

The police investigated the matter and the surveillance video of J Street was checked thoroughly. After the footage was checked, the police revealed that all of this was related to the violence going on in 2017. Three people were charged with the murder and one among them was Quentin Phillips. We did not find the questionnaire on any platform. 

Drive by Video Reddit 

Indian Red Boy Drive By Shooting Video

In 2021, the famous rapper from LA was shot dead while he was driving the car. The rapper was live on his instagram account when he was shot by someone suddenly. The video of the Indian Red boy was recorded by someone and was posted on several other platforms. The video has been removed from all the platforms but you can still find the video on Twitter. The real name of the rapper is Zerail Dijon Rivera. People are looking for his video on many social media platforms but you can find it on Twitter. The videos of other drive-by shootings are also available on Twitter. 

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, the drive-by case that has taken the lives of many people in the United States has become popular. People are looking for the video of the drive-by case of a famous rapper who was shot dead while driving his car. The video rapper was recorded by many people on instagram and soon posted on Twitter. There are other drive-by cases whose videos are also getting viral. You can visit this link to learn more details on drive-by shooting.

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Disclaimer: There have been many videos of Drive-By in the past few days and several videos are trending. We have provided information about the most trending video of a rapper who is shot dead while driving a car on the internet. 

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