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Drew Hassenbein Car Crash: Who Was Drew Hassenbein Tennis? How Did Drew Hassenbein and Ethan Falkowitz Die? Check Full Incident Details

This article provides information on the Drew Hassenbein Car Crash, traveller’s detail, and more.

Who is Drew Hassenbein? How Drew Hassenbein died? Drew Hassenbein, a school student, died in a car accident in Long Island, United StatesHow did the car accident happen? Was the criminal identified and got arrested for the accident? Read Drew Hassenbein Car Crash article for detailed information about Drew Hassenbein’s accident.


Drew Hassenbein Car Accident

Drew Hassenbein is a Second Roslyn Middle School student who was killed in a car accident at Long Island. The criminal was identified and arrested by the police department. As per sources, Amandeep Singh was the person who drove the car in the wrong way on the Long Island Expressway. 

After the accident, patrol police arrived at the spot and found the victims. Amandeep Singh was 34 years old and travelled in the wrong way because of a car accident and got arrested and charged.

Drew Hassenbein Car Crash

Some teenage boys were travelling in a car on Expressway on Wednesday night. The four boys drove the Dodge Ram in the highway’s southbound lanes. As per sources, Amandeep Singh, the 34 years man, was drunk and drove the sedan and operated his vehicle in the wrong way. 

Where did the Car Accident happen?

The car tragedy happened 4th May 2023, Wednesday night, around 10:30 p.m. on North Broadway. 

In the accident, the two teen boys died at the accident spot, and two boys were admitted to the hospital with severe injuries. Drew Hassenbein and Ethan Falkowitz died on the accident spot itself. 

The other two boys were hospitalized in a dreadful late-night crash in Jericho. The accident was allegedly caused by a drunken driver who drove the car in the wrong way.

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Are the two murdered boys identified?

The police department identified the two boys who died in the car accident. The boys who perished at the scene were the students of Roslyn Middle School. Continue Drew Hassenbein Death article to know more about the innocent students who died in the car crash.

The boys who died in the accident are 14 years old. And the other two boys are ages 16 and 17. They are admitted to the hospital with severe internal injuries. 

Intimation to the parents

The administration sent a statement to the boy’s parents on Thursday morning. They mentioned the two boys murdered were, in fact, Roslyn Middle School students.

Even though just being in school, one of the two students who died was talented in tennis. 

Drew Hassenbein Tennis

One of the young boys who died in the car accident was a talented tennis player. Yes, Drew Hassenbein is the tennis player at the nearby school on the varsity tennis team.

Drew Hassenbein was well-liked and detained as a high national ranker. The four young boys travelled in the car that appeared while returning home after dinner. 

Where were the boys travelled during the accident?

Drew Hassenbein is a young tennis player. He has celebrated his tennis game victory with his friends. After the dinner party, the four travelled in a car to return home. The horrible accident happened only that time. 

In Drew Hassenbein Car CrashThe four teenagers played tennis matches in Syosset. They went out for dinner for their celebration. 

While returning back to home, the boy’s car struck with another vehicle. The vehicle was carrying a 49 years old woman, 16 years teenager. The police enquired about both the traveller and the release.

The pickup driver of the accidental vehicle, Singh, was arrested and charged. The vehicle driver Amandeep Singh was charged with vehicular manslaughter, forced vehicular homicide, and an intoxicated vehicle operation on Thursday. The court punished Amandeep Singh; the criminal was ordered detained without bail.

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We conclude that Drew Hassenbein Car Crash was a tremendous loss to the Long Island tennis community, his friends and his family. Get more detailed information about Drew Hassenbein’s car accident at this link.

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Drew Hassenbein Car Crash: FAQ

Q1. How old is Drew Hassenbein?

14 years

Q2. How Drew Hassenbein died?

In a car accident

Q3. What happened in the expressway car crash?

Two teens died on the spot, and two were injured.

Q4. Who got arrested for the car accident?

Amandeep Singh

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