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[Update] Draymond Green Sabonis Video: Is Stomp Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter?

The article clearly explains the information behind the trending Draymond Green Sabonis Video and its reasons in an unbiased manner.

On Monday, April 17, 2023, the people’s most-awaited NBA match between the Golden State Warriors’ and the Sacramento Kings’ began, and the beginning of the match kept everyone on the corners of their chairs. But the second quarter of the match left the citizens of the United States, Canada in great agony because of the “non sportsmanlike “action of Draymond Green stomping his competitor Sabonis. The action shocked everyone, and the Draymond Green Sabonis Video went viral online.

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SAN FRANCISCO – The video of Game 2 – of the Warriors-Kings playoff series – that keeps people to put up a thinking hat and left behind some questions:

Would there have been any acceptable way for Green to break free from the clutches of the larger Sabons? And where was the proper place for Green’s right foot to land when it was released?

These and many other questions must have reached the ears of Dumars in context to Draymond Green Sabonis Video. A longtime friend of Draymond who is the league’s vice president and director of  basketball operations.  Neither coach Steve Kerr, who spoke directly with Dumars late Tuesday night, nor general manager Bob Myers elaborated on the conversations they had with Green or anyone in the NBA.  It was obvious that Myers was frustrated and  both Kerr and Kevon Looney had questions.

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The stomping action happened in the 4th quarter of the game when the Kings team player Malik tried to put the ball on the rim and the Golden State Warriors were gathered around the rim to receive the ball. All these incidents were televised and released, and they went Viral On Reddit.

Unfortunately, the ball didn’t fall into the rim, so the state warriors were rushed to receive the ball. In the meantime, due to the rush, Kings team player Sabonis lost his balance and fell to the floor, grabbing the feet of Draymond Green for extra support. But greens were suddenly moved away and stomped on the chest of Sabonis. This clipping was shared immensely on Youtube.

The clipping clearly shows that Sabonis fell unknowingly due to a lack of balance in that area, but if Green’s action had been meant to be intentional, he would have easily let Sabonis hand fall from his feet; there was no need for stomping over his chest.

Most of the Tiktok creators have also video-graphed those moments. Even after Draymond made a mistake, he didn’t remorse for his actions; instead, he started a fight with the crowd because all those people were the fans of the Kings team, so they condemned the greens action. And those fights with the audience were also shared on YouTube.

Thus, the real face of Green was seen by the whole public, so, as per the rules of the basketball game, Draymond Green was ejected from the game for hurting his competitor. The news of Green’s ejection was spread on social media platforms like Instagram, and most people supported the decision of the referee.

And after the match, an interview session was arranged regarding these stomping issues. In that interview, Greens stated that it was a playoff match and everyones duty was to be here to fight for the team and its franchise.

He didn’t share any apologies or reasons for his actions. Thus, the player Wojnarowski condemned this act of violence, saying that he is not remorseful for his actions.

Green’s interview has also triggered many fans, so the Golden State Warriors’ officials released an update on Twitter stating that the incident was purely accidental and he should have placed his leg somewhere else.

This incident didn’t affect the victory of the Golden State Warriors; they fought back powerfully and won the match by scoring 114 points against the Sacramento Kings’ team. The winning moments and stomping moments videos are still surfacing on the Telegram channel as well.


The Golden State Warriors player was ejected from that match, and there are no further updates about his suspension. It is true that everyone wants to win the match by fighting with their willpower, but not with their competitors. But he greens fails to understand this point, so currently Draymond Green Stomp Video is trending on the internet instead of his victories.

 Twitter video links Draymond Green stomps on Domantas Sabonis

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