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Drakeball to PHP (Aug) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction!

Drakeball to PHP (Aug) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction! >> Have you come across a game that promises to pay you in crypto? The write-up shares about a digital currency-based portal in detail.

Have you come across the term “cryptocurrency” recently? Cryptocurrency is still a new concept for many internet users. It is, however, a more convenient, safe, and embezzlement method of payment. 

In this article, we will discuss one such cryptocurrency being widely used in the Philippines. It is a play to earn game that converts their game earnings to a token Drakeball to PHP. This post will look into this cryptocurrency to help our users before making any investment into it.

What is CryptoDrakeball Token?

On the Binance platform, CryptoDrakeBall is a concept of earning money through playing an NFT Card Game. The goal of the game is to develop in-game characters to enter the arena and acquire DBALL tokens.

By releasing DBALL tokens through games and boosting the value of player NFTs, CryptoDrakeBall, NFTs can be exchanged into DBALL tokens on the market, which the players can trade to cash. It is a growing token in the Philippines. The Drakeball to PHP concept has increased with users asking for updates and deeming it a good concept.

About CryptoDrakeball Founders

Although we found no information on the internet about the founders, the official website has links to the game’s Twitter and telegram, among other social media websites. They can be seen as moderately active on these platforms providing information on audits and updates about the game. 

Upon search, we could find mostly satisfied users and rave reviews. They wanted to see more from the game. However, some of the sites claimed it to be a scam. Continue to read this article to know whether this cryptocurrency is fake or not.

Drakeball to PHP Price chart

The current price mentioned on the website is $0.33 per token. The price change in the last 24 hours is +0.12%.

The official website from 5th August also announces a public sale. A form needs to be filled out by the users to take part in the sale. It is predicted to reach its highest token balance by 9th August. So if you want to participate in buying this token, now looks like the right time to do it. 

About Crypto Drakeball Statistics

The number of users in the last 24 hours has been 7474, with the numbers increasing steadily. 

However, some internet users have claimed the gaming app and token to be a scam. But the Drakeball to PHP value in PHP 741.00.

Based on the all the statistics, such as the transfers and market, investing in this cryptocurrency isn’t recommended. 

Info about Drakeball Token Supply

As cited on the Binance website, the total token supply of Drakeball cryptocurrency is 1,000,000 DBall with 3,766 holders and  201,079 transfers. 

How to Buy Drakeball Token? A Perfect Guide With Trustwallet

  1. Download the Trustwallet and create an account.
  2. Use any reputable wallet to download and register the profile.
  3. Finally, create an account to purchase the DBall token and Binance money on the marketplace.
  4. We will deposit that BNB into the bank account.
  5. Trade the BNB for the Drakeball to PHP during the final stage.


  1. Where can we download the Drakeball App?

Via their official website CryptoDball

  1. Who launched the DBall token?

We can find no information on the public forum. 

  1. What is the contract address of Drakeball?

Drakeball’s token contract address is 0x088bebef4e371757509e64d3508b6da6f376e2ac

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Final Verdict

Drakeball is an app that offers its gaming services in exchange for tokens. It is a play to earn theme. The online reviews seem to be overall good. However, upon investigation, we found the positive comments to be repetitive and bot-like. Hence, this Drakeball to PHP token appears to be a scam. 

Have you ever played Drakeball? Let us know more in the comments below. 

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