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Dragonary Token (Aug 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Dragonary Token (Aug 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy? >> The guide shares details about the new blockchain-based virtual game and the in-game currency used in the game.

Do you want to play a virtual game and earn money at the same time? Then, you must enjoy playing the blockchain-based virtual game, Dragonary. Dragonary is the newly launched NFT/Crypto based blockchain virtual game.

Players from Venezuela, Argentina, and Spain are attracted to this blockchain game, and they are enjoying the game and earning Crypto. Players can play free, earn money and mine their Crypto on this platform. Dragonary Token is used as the native token for the platform and buying different items in the game.     

The game offers different virtual items like NFTs, and it has real monetary value. 

What is Dragonary?

Dragonary is the new NFT/Crypto based blockchain game attracting many players worldwide. The platform offers gaming content for free, and players can enjoy the games at no cost and dominate the Dragonary. 

Players are the owner of all rare items and dragons, and these items are referred to as NFTs with real monetary value. Players can even trade the items for money. They need to complete daily missions for rewards and explore new adventures. Players can collect items and sell Dragonary for Dragonary Token.

Who is the Founder of Dragonary?

Dragonary is the newly launched game developed and owned by CoinaryTV, and it is the new play-to-earn game with in-game currency. Players need to collect trade and breed the dragons as NFTs and win battles for more rewards. 

After evaluating, we have not found any details about the owner and CEO of the crypto token. Players can generate a token burn up to 80% for every breeding, in-game purchase, and item fusion. You may check more details on the official website of the token.

Dragonary Token – Market Cap, Price Data, and Circulating Supply

After evaluating the token online, we have not found any details regarding the live price, market capitalization, and total and max circulating supply of the token. However, we have found a few details about the initial token’s distribution.

  • Airdrop for the CoinaryTV community – 41 000 000 with the max supply of 4.1%
  • Team with ten years of vesting – 50 000 000 with a max supply of 5%
  • Mining for Dragonary – 749 000 000 and the max supply available for Dragonary Token is 74.9%
  • Investors – 160 000 000 with 16% max supply 

The team behind Dragonary Game will get a total of 50 million tokens, and it will be blocked for ten years. The token for the team will be released daily until it reaches 50 million. 

How to Get Dragonary?

The token is available in airdrops, and players have to mine and trade the items for the in-game currency. 

The token is also sold on ApeSwap, and you need GNANA offerings or BNB to buy it. Besides, the Dragonary Token is also airdropped for active community members and early testers. It can be used for in-game purchases, but they can’t sell it on any exchanges for at least six months. 


Q1. What is the Official Link of Dragonary?

A1. https://dragonary.com/ is the official link of the website. 

Q2. What is Max Supply for Investors?

A2. Investors have got a total 160 000 000 tokens with a max supply of 16%.

Q3. How Long are the Tokens Blocked for Dragonary Team?

A3. The Dragonary Team will get about 50 million tokens which will be blocked for ten years. 


Dragonary Token has a brighter future, and investing in the token may prove profitable for investors. Dragonary is the virtual blockchain game, and the native token used in the game is $CYT. 

Players can earn rewards, trade the items, and win battles for more tokens and rewards. However, investors must know the next big Cryptocurrency in 2021 before investing and make profitable income out of it.  We have only provided you with the information. Investing in crypto is solely your decision.

What is your opinion of the blockchain game and its currency? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section? 

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