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{Updated} Dr Tracy Pickett Vancouver: Check Full Information On Her Missing Case

This post on Dr Tracy Pickett Vancouver will give you information regarding the popular Missing case of a doctor from Vancouver. Please read the facts below. 

Did you hear of the missing case of Tracy Pickett? The doctor has been missing since Tuesday and everyone was concerned for her. Dr Tracy Pickett Vancouver has been one of the most trending keywords as people in Canada were curious to know what happened with her. In this article, you will get the latest update on the missing case of Pickett and know if the doctor is safe or not.

About Dr Tracy Pickett Vancouver

As per online sources, Dr. Tracy Pickett was missing from Tuesday. She was last seen on Tuesday, but after that, she was not seen anywhere. A police team has been investigating her day and night. The Vancouver police found the dead body of this 55-year-old woman who was a doctor on Thursday. The police team was searching for her in the neighborhood of Southlands and discovered her body. The investigation team has been searching for the cause of her death as there is no update on how the lady died. Kindly get more updates on this topic ahead. 

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Dr Tracy Pickett Missing

Dr Tracy Pickett had been missing for the last two days. She was last seen on Tuesday. The doctor did not reach home timely and her missing report was lodged. The police team of Vancouver has been trying their best to trace the lady, but all the efforts failed till late Thursday when the police team was searching for her in the Southlands.

Unfortunately, there, they discovered the dead body of Tracy Pickett. They could not find the lady alive. The police team reported that there were no signs of any crime on her body. The details of the reason for the death of Dr Tracy Pickett Vancouver are yet to be discovered. Everyone who was connected to Tracy Pickett in one or another way must wait for the research to end so that everything will be clarified.

Where was Pickett last seen? 

As per online sources, Dr Tracy has been witnessing the B.C. Murder case as an expert witness. She went to court to testify about the results. It was the last location where she was seen. More facts on this case are yet to be revealed as the police authority does not have complete information on the reason for the death and Dr Tracy Pickett Missing case. 

People should not believe in any rumors about the case and one should follow authentic news update channels to seek details that are authentic and reliable. 


Wrapping up this research here, we have given authentic details on the missing case of Tracy Pickett. It was unfortunate to know that the doctor was no more as her dead body had been found. We hope that the reason for her death will be soon revealed by the authorities. 

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DISCLAIMER: The details on the missing case of Tracy Pickett have been taken from the online sites. The details which are present online are shared and nothing has been added to spice up the matter. We will keep the readers updated with all the fresh updates that will be shared by the police officials. 

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