Dpet Token To PHP 2021.

Dpet Token To PHP (July) How To Buy? Contract Address

Dpet Token To PHP (July) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The guide shares details of the new in-game currency and the live market price and value in the different currency.

What if you can play engaging virtual games and get collectables and rewards as DeFi tokens? Yes, it is possible with My DeFi pet, the virtual pet game that blends collectables, DeFi, and your persona to deliver you a virtual gaming experience.

The game is backed by Supported Network on Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. Players have to collect monsters, create new-gen monsters, take them to battle, and trade the monsters on trading platforms to enhance the collection. 

People in the Philippines enjoy playing the game. So, what is the Dpet Token to PHP live value?

What is DPET?

My DeFi Pet is the famous virtual pet game that many players in the Philippines enjoy playing. The pet game blends the collectibles, DeFi, and your persona. DPET is the native in-game currency in the game and the ticker symbol of the My DeFi Pet token. 

The currency is used for trading, upgrading the pets, exchanges, and leveling up the monsters with special abilities in the first phase. The game works on the Supported Network only, including Kardia Chain and Binance Smart Chain. 

But, before investing, investors must check the live Dpet Token to PHP value.

Who is the Founder of DPET Token?

  • Liem Thai – Game Creator
  • Tommy Le – Game Marketer
  • Tiep Vu – Game Growth Hacker
  • Anh Tran – Developer
  • Tri Pham – Advisor and Co-Founder and CEO of Kardia Chain

You may check the official website of the token to learn more about the team behind the virtual pet game and the founder of the DPET token. 

DPET Token Market Cap Analysis, Supply and Live Price Data

Before moving ahead to know the live Dpet Token to PHP value, let us check the market analysis of the token. 

After evaluating online, we have found the market analysis data of the DPET token. The live price of the token is $1.06, with a decline of 10.01%. The token has registered the highest trading volume of $ 2 032 340 in the last 24 hrs and experienced a decline of 3.03%.

The token has been ranked at #910 based on the market capitalization of $7 321 260, and the fully diluted market cap is $106 441 474.67. The total circulating supply of the token is 6 878 202 DPET with no live data of maximum circulating supply of the DPET tokens. 

What is the Dpet Token to PHP Live Value?

As per the sources, the last known value of the DPET token in the Philippine Peso is 49.35 PHP. So, one DPET token is equal to 49.35 PHP on 8th July 2021. Therefore, investors are requested to keep checking the live value of the token before investing as it keeps fluctuating.

How to Buy DPET Tokens?

  • DPET token is available for purchase on BSC or Kardia Chain
  • You have to create a trusted wallet and add BSC to your account
  • Go to the selected exchange and search for the token using the contract address
  • Click on the token and enter the amount you want to buy
  • Use a converter to check live Dpet Token to PHP value
  • Swap your BSC into a DPET token and transfer it to your wallet    


Q1. What is the Official Link of DPET?

A1. https://mydefipet.com/ is the official website of the token.

Q2. What is the Token’s Value in PHP?

A2. The last known value is 49.35 PHP.

Q3. What is the Contract Address of the DPET Token?

A3. 0xfb62ae373aca027177d1c18ee0862817f9080d08 is the DPET’s contract address.  

To Sum Up

My DeFi Pet is the virtual game, and DPET is the in-game currency used for upgrading the characters in the game with special abilities. 

However, the token value in PHP keeps changing, and investors must keep checking the live Dpet Token to PHP before investing. Besides, you must know all the top apps for investing in Cryptocurrency in 2021 for a wise investment.  

What is your suggestion for the new gaming token? Would you like to share it in the comments section? 

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