Dpet Price PHP 2021

Dpet Price PHP (July 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Dpet Price PHP (July 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The guide shares details about the new virtual pet game and the native utility coin, and its exchange rate in the Philippines Peso.    

What if you get the opportunity to play virtual games online and earn DeFi crypto coins as rewards and collectables? Yes, it is possible with the new crypto-based virtual game called My DeFi Pet. The virtual game offers ultimate online gameplay by combining player’s profiles, DeFi, and collectables. 

My DeFi Pet offers certified gameplay by Binance Smart Chain and Kardia Chain Trusted System. The game is quite popular in the Philippines, and many players hold the native utility token called DPET.    

Interested players want to learn about the Dpet Price PHP.

What is DPET?

My DeFi Pet is the virtual pet gaming backed by the supported networks, including Kardia Chain and Binance Smart Chain. Players in the Philippines like playing the virtual game because it offers the ultimate gaming experience by merging the personality, collectables, and DeFi. 

DPET is the ticker symbol of the My DeFi Pet coin, and it is the native utility coin in the game. The gamers use the currency to exchange, trade goods, upgrade pets and equip the characters with new skills.  

Holders must check the live Dpet Price PHP value before trading the crypto coin.

What Founded DPET?

As per the official website of the crypto coin, DPET is the native utility coin of the game, but the founder details are missing. However, we have found that Leim Thai is the game developer, and Tommy Le is the gaming producer. 

Anh Tran is the coder, Tiep Vu is the Game Evolution Engineer, and Tri Pham is also the consultant president and co-founder of Kardia Chain. 

DPET Coin Price Analysis and Statistics 

Before you look at the exchanges for the Dpet Price PHP exchange rate, you must learn the coin’s market analysis and price stats.

The live price of the crypto coin is $5.73, and it registered a decline of 9.59% in the last 24 hrs. Besides, the coin recorded a trading volume of $11 111 051 in the last 24 hrs with a decline of 17.33%.

The coin is ranked at #418 depending upon the coin’s market capitalization, and it is $39 391 263. The fully diluted market cap of the coin is $572 697 067.05. In terms of circulating supply, the coin’s total supply is 6 878 202 DPET, and the max circulating supply of the coin is not available. 

What is the Live Dpet Price PHP Exchange Rate?

The live value of the coin in Philippine Peso is 263.92 PHP. However, it recorded a decline of 27.4% in the last 24 hrs. In other exchanges, the live value of the coin is 291.50 PHP with colossal fluctuation. 

So, investors are suggested to check the live PHP exchange rate of the coin before investing. 

How to Buy DPET Coin?

  • Buyers can purchase it on Kardia Chain or BSC
  • Download trusted wallet and add value to the wallet
  • Link the wallet to BSC
  • Search the coin using the contract address 0xfb62ae373aca027177d1c18ee0862817f9080d08
  • Check the live Dpet Price PHP exchange rate    
  • Enter the amount of DPET coin you want to exchange
  • Verify the value and exchange it with BNB
  • Transfer the coin to your wallet 


Q1. What is the certified URL of DPET?

A1. Investors can check details at https://mydefipet.com/.

Q2. What is the Contract Address of DPET?

A2. Use 0xfb62ae373aca027177d1c18ee0862817f9080d08 as the contract address for DPET.

Q3. What is the Exchange Rate in PHP?

A3. 291.05 PHP is the live value of DPET in the Philippine Peso.

Final Thought

My DeFi Pet is the virtual gameplay with the native utility coin DPET. Investors who play the game want to know the live Dpet Price PHP.

You must not always trust the exchange rate mentioned above as it keeps fluctuating, and hence checking the value before the investment is necessary. You may also learn about the best apps for Crypto trading in 2021 for an intelligent trading experience. 

What is your opinion on investment in DPET Coin? Would you please share your perspective in the comment box below? 

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