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Does Joel Die In The Video Game: Did Joel Die in the Game?, Is Joel Alive the Last of Us? Also Check More details On Last Of Us Episode

This article provides detail on Does Joel Die in the Video Game? And also delivered more other information about the game.

Are you aware of the Last of Us? What is Joel’s character in the video game? Has he died in the new episode? The Last of Us is a famous episode of HBO. The season is running successfully in the United States, Canada and other countries. In this article, you must know everything about the episode and Does Joel Die in the Video Game.


What happened to Joel in the game?

Joel is the main character in The Last of Us. He has experienced a lot of loss in space in the last six episodes. As we know, he jumped a 20-year in the middle of episodes. 

Joel lost his daughter behind Tess and showed him the past few weeks. He also believed his brother Tommy is also not there. But episode six revealed the case. Joel gets a deadly wound, and he survives. Then, in Salt Lake City, he gets Ellie to the fireflies. 

Did Joel Die in the Game?

Though, after realizing that Ellie needs to die to cure to work. Meanwhile, Joel kills the Fireflies, including Marlene, and takes her to Jackson. But unfortunately, Abby killed Joel. Abby is one of the essential characters in Season 2 of The Last of Us.

Abby is looking for revenge for the death of her father. He was fireflies in the game, which Joel killed. Abby’s father is a doctor involved in Ellie’s surgery and cured her. Not only Joel is the only person who dies in The Last of Us. Many characters in the season meet a horrible end in The Last of Us.

Is Joel Alive the Last of Us?

The main character in the Last of Us is Joel and Ellie. They have overcome many difficulties on their journey throughout The Last of Us. However, during the sixth show, they fought with a group of aggressive individuals throughout their final destination. 

Joel gets injured in a fight protecting Ellie and himself. The Last of Us episode ends on a cliff-hanger with Joel as he was falling lifeless to his wound. Viewers may wonder about the hardened character protagonist.  

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Does Joel Die in the Video Game?

Joel got a severe wound in the sixth episode and looped up exhausted in the snow. Ellie crying over Joel makes things seem very grim. So, it can be strongly shown that Joel has not died.

The HBO Television network version is set for the audience to make them very thoroughly follow the story of The Last of Us game. While Joel fixes and sustains a similar injury in the video game, he lives to see the next day. 

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The Last of Us is an action and adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog. The episode increased curiosity about Does Joel Die in the Video GameThe main character in the game, Joel wounded severely, but he has not died. For more about The Last of Us, click the video link.

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Does Joel Die in the Video Game: FAQ

Q1. What kind of game is The Last of Us?

Action and adventure game.

Q2. Can we play on PC?


Q3. How can we play?

Using PlayStation only.

Q4. Who is the main character?


Q5. Who published the game?

Sony Computer Entertainment.

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