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{Trend Video} Doc Tyler Scandal Video Viral On Twitter: Check If Clip Available On Instagram, Youtube

This post throws light on Doc Tyler Scandal Video Viral On Twitter and discusses other details like viral videos on InstagramYoutube, and more.

Are you aware of the Doc Tyler Scandal Video Viral on Twitter? As per the latest research, a video of a famous chiropractor from the Philippines is doing rounds across social media. It has driven the netizens into a frenzy with curiosity about the video and its content. This video is also trending in the United States. According to sources, the content involves Dr. Tyler, a chiropractor, who was engaged in unreasonable actions related to his medical practice.

So, we conducted in-depth research to know the truth behind the scandalous video. Continue to read till the end to find out the reality.

Fact Check: Doc Tyler Scandal Video Viral On Twitter

Dr Tyler, alias Dr Tyler Bigenho, is a prominent chiropractor whose specific video have gone viral across the internet. According to research, Dr Tyler is a health practitioner and is currently under the scrutiny of netizens who wish to know if the video is original or fake.

The video includes certain shocking scenes that have caught the audience’s attention. In addition, the video contains certain scenes and service techniques that violate medical ethics. Based on the information available on Dr Tyler Bigenho Wikipedia, Tyler is the founder and owner of Clean Spine Chiropractic.

His short reels on TikTok are widespread across the United States. In addition to being a doctor, Dr. Bigenho has many other hobbies, such as Basketball, Golf, Soccer, and more. He is known for sharing informative content related to Joint health on TikTok.

However, there is no confirmation related to the video content being authentic.

Is Doc Tyler Video Available on Instagram?

The video of Dr. Tyler emerged on Twitter, showcasing him indulging in inaccurate activities that violate the standards of medical practices. The video has been trending on Twitter since 30 November 2023. Besides, many such videos are being shared by different accounts. However, no video is available on Dr. Tyler’s official account.

We decided to check other mediums to see videos on other social media platforms. Thus, we decided to research photo-sharing sites, too. However, there are no videos shared anywhere on Instagram.

Is Doc Tyler Video Available on TikTok?

TikTok is a reel-sharing platform. However, to check if the video is uploaded there, we need access to the app. Only people from countries where the app is not banned can view the video. Furthermore, as per sources, no video is shared anywhere on TikTok.

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Is Doc Tyler Video Available on Youtube?

The video-sharing platform is thronged with videos related to the latest news and happenings. Thus, we also decided to check if any video is available anywhere on the video-sharing platform. We decided to check using different search terms to see if the scandal video is also available on the platform.

But, we couldn’t find any video related to the recent scandal and viral video of Dr. Tyler. Besides, if there were any videos, they were taken down by the channel. Therefore, as per research, viral videos are not available on Youtube.

Is Doc Tyler’s Video Available on Telegram?

As per sources, one of the patients spoke about the doctor conducting examinations that were not medically ethical. In addition, the doctor also released statements defending the allegations. According to his statements, the videos circulating on social media are taken in the wrong context and are manipulated.

Furthermore, investigations are still being conducted by the local health authorities to check the severity of the situation. We are still waiting for an official statement to know if the video content is accurate or manipulated.

We also checked on Telegram for the video; however, no viral video is shared on the platform.

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Final Conclusion

Dr. Tyler Bigenho is under the scanner of his patients and netizens after a Doc Tyler Scandal Video Viral On Twitter started trending. Based on the press conference, Dr. Tyler has confirmed to have performed all procedures as per medical standards. The media will monitor further developments related to the news, and any other updates will be posted after thoroughly checking the authenticity of the details. To know more about Dr. Tyler, click.

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Disclaimer: The post contains information about a medical professional and TikTok celebrity. We hold no claim over the videos and have not shared any content related to the controversy. The article is solely based on being informative for readers.

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