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Disney 100 Cartas Tiktok: Check If Link Available Online, Also Find Full Details On Game Here

The Disney 100 Cartas Tiktok provides details about the fun TikTok challenge and Disney 100 Cartas Tiktok Link. Read the article below. 

Are you aware of the 100th Anniversary of the animation studio Disney? Do you known about the challenges left by Disney in TikTok? The challenge left by Disney for the TikTok users has been buzzing Worldwide.

Today’s article will detail about Disney 100 Cartas Tiktok. Follow our article below.

The Disney 100 Cartas Tiktok trends on online platforms:

The 100th Anniversary celebration of the Disney is at its peak.  At the same time, amidst the ongoing celebrations and tributes, the fun fact which did generate everyone’s attention is the challenge which has been left by the animation studio on TikTok. The recent fun challenge shared by Disney 100 Cartas Tiktok Link has been buzzing throughout the online platforms. The TikTok users have been widely engaging to solve the fun game and win the prize. The game has gained ta lot of popularity among the Disney fans. The social media audience have been sharing their wishes and tributes to the Animation studio Disney. The news about the viral Disney challenge trends on online platforms.

What is Disney 100 Cartas Tiktok Link?

The Animation studio Disney 100th Anniversary celebration is buzzing worldwide. On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary, Disney has introduced a fun game among the TikTok users. The game has become viral throughout the online platforms. The goal of this game is to collect as much as cards as one can get. Although Disney 100 Cartas Tiktok challenge seems to be a simple game, but the participants of the game have to go through various challenges in order to grab the iconic character cards. The winner of the game will be awarded with a prize. The Disney fun challenge has been trending on social platforms.

The fun game introduced by Disney for the TikTok users has been the talk of the town. The game has begun on 16th October and will continue till to 23rd October. While the Disney 100 Cartas Tiktok game is already underway, the game is supposed to last four weeks. The simple rule of the game is to collect the iconic character cards. The cards includes some famous characters including Iron Man of Avengers, Minnie Mouse, Elsa of Frozen, Woody of Toy Store, Darth Vader of Star Wards, Mirabel de Encanto and others. The game has a weekly goal, once the goal is achieved the profile unlocks a gift. While there are other ways to open new cards, one of them is answer the trivia. The Disney 100 Cartas Tiktok game has gained a lot of popularity on social platforms.

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The Questions and Answers to Disney Quiz this week:

  • Who is that mutant who is known for making Snikt when he uses his power?

Answer: Wolverine

  • What the number of short films in which Pluto features between 1930-1953?

Answer: 89 short films

  • What is the name of the Disney character who gave life to Aladdin’s Genie?

Answer: Eric Goldberg

  • Who gave the voice to Terk in Tarzan?

Answer: Rosie O’ Donell

  • What was the first thing that fairy godmother transformed in Cinderella from 1950?

Answer: The Pumpkin  

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Summing Up:

The Disney 100 Cartas Tiktok has become viral on online platforms. To know more details about Disney fun game on TikTok, click on this link.

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