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Dinox Token (Aug 2021) How to Buy? Contract Address

Dinox Token (Aug 2021) How to Buy? Contract Address >> This news is regarding the recent crypto raised in the game with a high amount of market capitalization.

Participating in the crypto coin price market and data analysis is rapidly increasing in today’s crypto supplier industry. With the rising environment to exchange strategy combats for the environment and business development, many investors from Vietnam, Spain, Brazil, and India anticipate crypto pockets. However, few investors are facing issues while tracking and updates.

Do you think you have a chance of playing the ownership game of crypto? Let us figure it out below with more description.

Our experts have mentioned the new strategies of Dinox Token and the price for regulating financial exchanges.

About Dino X Crypto 

Dino X refers to the strategic combat game plate in the sandbox environment in Vietnam, Spain, Brazil, and India. To build Dino kingdoms and resources to expansion, many other players also develop combat skills to occupy other benefits of the metaverse and retain their ownership in the game. The theme includes the blending beloved Dyno genre.

It also involves buying and selling DinoX and your lovely work, which is currently the top active exchange Dinox Token. With a subtle trading volume of the last 24 hours, a modest profit of dollar 23150391 has been supplied to DinoX coins.

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Types Of DinoX Dinos Available 

  • Alcovasaurus – size: MEDIUM
  • Aoniraptor – size: MEDIUM
  • Agujaceratops – size: MEDIUM
  • Aeolosaurus – size: LARGE

TOKEN DinoX sale from 24 JUL – 28 JUL

  • Ticker: DNXC
  • Total Tokens: 160,000,000
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Fundraising Goal: TOKEN
  • Available for Token Sale: 32%
  • ICO Token Price: 1 DNXC = 0.025 USD

Dinox Token 

DinoX can be utilized by three main assets and crypto, which are deployed on ethereum and polygon – DNX, DNXC, DNXI:-


  • Helps in building Dyno X ecosystem
  • It is available for collecting, reading, breeding, and training dinosaur
  • The process starts from and hatching of eggs
  • It is ERC 721 NFT
  • It can be bought from the marketplace as a single egg or a part of a booster pack.


  • It is ERC 20
  • It is the economic building block of the Dino X token
  • Represented as a coin, it can be used for staking in the marketplace
  • Most important award in the Dinox Token  game


  • It is ERC 1511
  • Represented as an item in the game
  • Available on polygon network
  • Helps in dino equipment, Island upgrades, and action cards

Benefits Of Dino X Coins And Tokens 

  • The exchange of rewards gets easy for users.
  • The token is weekly, monthly, and annually staked.
  • Benefits in participating in voting and governance
  • The assets can be used within the game
  • All tasks can be completed inside and outside the ecosystem.

Market Capital of Token 

  • RAISING PRICE- $1.28 M
  • TOTAL SUPPLY (DNXC) – $ 160 M
  • LISTING PRICE of Dinox Token  – $ 0.025
  • INITIAL MARKET CAP ( with liquidity ) – $ 0.472 M

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Dino X crypto coin is one of the measured 24-hour trading coins with the volume of DNXC in USD 15044400.00 running in the exchange market of coins. The price of crypto is increasing by 2.39 % from the last 24 hours. As far as concerned with the web site’s data and strategies, the website automatically opens the source for DNXC price. The current price of Dinox Token X is running by BTC 0.00001, which is USD 0.44.

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