Dink Doink Coin (June) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

Dink Doink Coin 2021.

Dink Doink Coin (June) Price, Prediction & How To Buy? >> The latest booming meme coin has created a sensation among Crypto traders globally. This blog is written to give insight into this Crypto coin.

Since 2013, the meme coin has received recognition with the evolving popularity of Dogecoin; now, around 28000 meme coins have been released, among those Dink Doink Crypto is one of them.

The coin not only received approval in the United States, but it also garnered recognition in some 1st world countries like the United Kingdom. Let’s discover the Dink Doink Coin, the trading process, current price and much more-

What is Dink Doink Crypto?

Dink Doink is considered to be a community-based Meme token branched from $ASS (Australian Safe Shepherd). This Crypto coin blurs the line between Crypto and entertainment. The transaction with Dink Doink Crypto triggers around 10 percent of fees. Out of the 10%, 5 percent is redistributed to entire Dink Doink holders. The redistribution will be done in proportion to the holders’ current holdings. Another 5 percent will be staked automatically in the ‘Pancakeswap’ liquidity pool.  

Brief information about the Inventor:

The Dink Doink Coin details are available on its official web portal (https://dinkdoink.com/), but unfortunately, the site doesn’t include any information about the developer. Here only coin details can be found.

What is the recent price of this Crypto?

According to the web sources and leading Crypto exchange platform, the recent data (30th June 2021) is given below-

  • Contract ID: The Contract ID is 0xefd39883adb365fbf591bc0d624c9e1b12aea35f
  • Market Rank: It has a 2673 market rank.
  • Total Supply: It is 10,000,000,000,000,000 $DINK
  • Holders Count: 7272 addresses.
  • Market Price: As of 30th June 2021, the current price of Dink Doink Coin is <$0.00000001.
  • Decimals: It is 9.
  • Market Cap: No data is available
  • Trading Volume: It is $1303807.940
  • Market Dominance: No data is mentioned on the exchange platform.
  • Price Change: In 24 hours, there is no change in price visible.

What is the buying process of $DINK?

  • Do you have a Trust wallet (Cryptocurrency Wallet) downloaded on your device? If not, then first download it. The wallet is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • Now in the next step, you have to load the Trust wallet for buying Dink Doink Coin with BEP20BNB (Binance Smart Chain). BNB is needed to swap DINK coins on ‘Pancakeswap.’
  • After that, open ‘Pancakeswap’ in your Trust wallet. The Pancakeswap is one of the top DEX on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). You need to tab on ‘Connect’ and select your Trust wallet (for Android device).
  • For those who use iOS, add the Pancakeswap to the Safari browser; you need to tab on ‘Connect’ and then select ‘Wallet Connect.’ Now from the list tab on ‘Trust’ and then click on ‘Connect.’
  • Now set the slippage range to 12 percent, and you can now swap $DINK easily.

Dink Doink Coin price prediction:

According to future predictions, the coin price will be $0.0000 on 31st December 2021. In the future years – 2022, 2023, 2024, the price will be $0.0000 with 7% monthly changes.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding $DINK:

Q- What is the market cap of DINK Crypto?

Ans- As of 30th June 2021, the market cap is 0.

Q- What is the benefit of investing in $DINK?

Ans- DINK coin is booming in all major countries. The experts are also looking forward to this coin’s performance. However, online currency trading has its own risk.


The Dink Doink Coin is getting recognition in Australia and Canada and has become the 8147th largest project of Cryptocurrency worldwide. You can read above the recent price data and know about its trading volume; else, read here, if you want to dig more information about the Dink Doink Crypto Price and prediction Know all the details of the next big Cryptocurrency 2021 from here. Have you invested in $DINK? Mention below.

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