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Did you see the latest trend of watching Digloveface and then regretting it? Yes, the videos shared only on TikTok in the past 24-hours inculcated people’s interest by tagging them as – don’t search on Google if you still love yourself. It’s disgusting because you don’t seem to lose your appetite! 

The instance people from the Philippines came across these videos; they started searching images, videos, and content related to Digloveface com

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About Digloveface:

As the name sounds, Digloveface.com is not about a website but the diglove/degloved concept. The term diglove is used in medicine to refer to human skin extensively to completely torn tissues. The word diglove is followed by the name of a part of the body to refer to the specific human organ. For example, the “Degloved Face” images on the internet are related to disfigured human tissues of the face that may be caused due to severe accidents. 

The diglove images on the internet are horrifying and not advisable for viewership. The Degloved Face Pic include diglove clips of faces completely torn out due to accidents, attacks, fire, Etc. Images also included similar conditions of figures, legs, hands, and almost all parts of the body.

About the trending diglove videos:

More than eight videos, specifically on TikTok, were related to the same topic. All eight videos included a presentation and requested people not to search the term, images, videos, or any content related to diglove. But, the intention of publishing such videos is questionable for two reasons.

Firstly, a few videos provided the name of a news website – Livegore.com. Livegore.com publishes uncensored pictures and online videos showing real-life events, including Degloved Face Photo suicide, grownup clips related to crime, Etc. A glimpse of Livegore showed trending news with pictures of uncensored road accidents, human body injuries, pictures of diglove body parts, Etc. 

Secondly, it is questionable why a video should be published to make people aware that the diglove concept exists. Then, ask them not to search more about the concept diglove. If such videos are not made and not circulated, they would serve the same purpose.

People became more interested in the concept when several videos informed a website link as digloveface com and digloved face com. A user said he felt sorry to watch the diglove videos, which excited people about the concept more.

About Digloveface com:

The website digloveface.com is currently a parked domain and is accessible globally. A parked domain is a website or a URL registered in advance. It is a type of virtual investment. The domain name is bought at a regular price to sell it in future to earn profits when the website attains good scores and visitor count.

Digloveface.com was registered and simultaneously updated on 10th/May/2023 in Henan, China. It is 2-days old. Digloveface.com was registered only for one year and expires within 11-months and 28-days on 10th/May/2024. Hence, it is a young website with a short life expectancy.

To cover the cost of operation, Digloveface com is hosting sponsored content from simplifyanswer.com, searchvital.com, and gotquestion.com. Digloveface.com, its external links – simplifyanswer.com and searchvital.com uses unsecured HTTP protocol.

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We leave it to your discretion to decide if the trending search for Diglove face pictures is a publicity stunt to get more viewership and to popularize a new domain. The more popular a URL becomes, the more profit it yields when sold. Why will anyone be interested in making people aware of Digloved and then asking them not to watch it? 

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Digloveface com – FAQ

1Q. Is Digloveface.com a safe website?

Digloveface.com gained a 12%↓ trust index, 14.6%↓ business, a zero↓ Alexa rank, terrible 70%↑ phishing, 12%↑ spam, 8%↑ suspicion, and 73%↑ threat and malware scores each. It will take time to improve Digloveface.com’s credibility, as it’s been two days since its launch.

2Q. Digloveface.com uses how many servers?

Servers serial chain numbers b3bddff8a7845bbce903a04135b34a45 targeting ns1.bodis.com(IP and ns2.bodis.com(IP located in the USA.

3Q. Who is the registrar of Digloveface.com?

Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

4Q. How much is the visitor count of Digloveface.com?

Digloveface.com has zero visitors count monthly with a $0 traffic value.

5Q. How much is the speed of Digloveface com?

A load time of 487 milliseconds, a 93% A-performance grade, is considered fast.

6Q. Who is the ISP of Digloveface.com?

Bodis LLC, USA.

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