Top Five Most Trending Digital Currencies to Invest In

Five Most Trending Digital Currencies to Invest In!

Cryptocurrencies are trending in every part of the world. There is no denying that bitcoin is always mentioned in the headlines and people always talk about this crypto. But there are thousands of other cryptos available in the market. Earlier, people were not accepting the idea of crypto, but now they are ready to invest money in crypto. One can attain several benefits by investing in bitcoin through Bitcoin Era. You should know that crypto is one of the most preferred investment options today, and people also like to trade them. 

The cryptos that are not bitcoin are referred to as an altcoin. So many other cryptos are also performing really well in the market. The return potential of these cryptos is also excellent. The main motive for introducing crypto was to ease the transfers, reducing the hassle and transaction costs without government interference. The people who can bear extreme volatility and know how to take advantage of this volatility to make huge gains should surely invest in the crypto world. But those who cannot handle the extreme level of volatility should know about the best cryptocurrencies they should buy, so let’s take a look.


Whenever the list of best crypto in the market comes, bitcoin consistently ranks at the top. It is a crypto that is an excellent holding for those who want to enter the world of crypto. Introduced in 2009, this crypto is the primary alphanumerical money in the world. Till now, the market capitalization of bitcoin is the highest of all. You must know that almost 40 per cent of the crypto market is bitcoin. Due to its high value and fantastic performance, people also call it digital gold. The worth of bitcoin is resultant of its absence. Yes, you hear right. Bitcoin is a scarce asset which means they are limited in number. 

Only 21 billion bitcoins exist in the supply; after that, they cannot be mined. Some critics say that bitcoin is a dangerous digital currency to invest in because its glory days are almost over. But the reality is that despite being in the market for a long time, the spark of bitcoin is still there. It is not at all likely for bitcoin to disappear, and it is the trusted digital currency you can consider for investing.


Ethereum is among the most popular digital currencies. The decentralized currency allows people to make smart contracts and decentralized apps. There is no possibility of fraud, control or involvement of a third party when you use this platform. This shift can be very beneficial for this crypto as it will make blockchain scalable and reduce the energy required for the transfer.


It is a popular digital currency that comes in the group of stablecoins. You should know that it is the crypto that aims to peg the value of the market to the currency to reduce the chances of higher volatility. Almost all the crypto goes through dramatic volatility, so tether cryptocurrency attempts to smooth the price fluctuations to appeal to the users who otherwise have to stay very cautious. You should know that the value of rope is linked with us. The system enables users to make transfers easily and is also safe because of USD support.

Usd coin!

It is another famous stable coin which gets its value from the us dollar by using the collateralized reserve. This crypto got launched in the year 2018. You might not know, but the total market capitalization of USD coins is 55.5 billion dollars. Moreover, the price per coin is 1 dollar. Therefore, it comes in the fourth position regarding the digital currency ranking from the point of market capital and trade volume.

Binance coin!

It is a crypto that works as the payment mode for the fee linked with trading on the binance platform. You will be glad to know that the position of the binance coin from market capitalization is third. Therefore, those who use the token for making payments for the exchange can use this crypto for trading by availing of the discount.

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