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Digifit Crypto {Jan 2022} Contract Address, How to Buy?

This article on Digifit Crypto will make you aware of the Crypto in the news and their current market status unbiasedly.

Do you always fall back in following your fitness routine because of a lack of motivation? And do you want to join an affordable and rewarding fitness membership via the future tech world? If you find these words anyhow relatable, then this Digifit Crypto article will give some crucial information at one place from where you can give your health fitness journey the right direction.

The health-conscious people in developed countries like the United States are very curious about the crypto, hope you’re feeling the same.

About Digifit:

Digifit is a platform that aims to make the daily and overall fitness goals interesting and easy to achieve by providing all necessary resources in one place. With the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, there was an abrupt change in people’s way of working from in-motion to static and confined in a limited surrounding. Here Digifit Crypto will monetise people’s fitness-routine, which will break the sedentary lifestyle and the inertia to wake up from the comfortable couch and bed to sweat a little bit regularly and experience the endorphins released. Through Digifit, people will be able to 

  • Track their fitness level, 
  • Plan the diet accordingly, 
  • Interact with similar-minded people, and also 
  • Get rewarded monetarily for accomplishing one’s fitness goals.

Digifit’s Founder Info:

As per our online searches, there are many health brands named ‘Digifit’, but we haven’t found any concrete info about Digifit Crypto founder, which is based on blockchain technology and Crypto oriented. Of course, reasons for that could be anything, but that is beyond our search. 

Market Stats Chart of Digifit:

As we researched different crypto stats sites and exchanges, we hardly found any information except the max total supply of Digifit, which is 700,000,000 DGI and that also varies though hovering around the same number. One reason for the unavailability of the data might be that it is in a development state and yet to be launched fully. 

Why should you purchase Digifit Crypto?

There is no doubt about the problem and opportunities available in the physical fitness field, and incorporating upcoming tech called blockchain in it can open up new avenues. Some possible benefits of the Crypto could be as:

  • Improve the understanding of people towards health and fitness.
  • It can provide livelihood opportunities through starting fitness at the homeworld.
  • Users have good chances to earn new rewards.
  • Users as the crypto holder can also earn from the transaction cost earned by the platform.

Remark: The plus points stated above may differ from your experience; please use one’s discretion. 

 How to buy Digifit Crypto

We have not found the Crypto listed over any reputed crypto platform from where you can make your purchase. But for future reference, you can understand the below steps to purchase Crypto.

  • Step1: Register on PancakeSwap.
  • Step2: Create your Trust Wallet account.
  • Step3: Connect Trust Wallet with PancakeSwap.
  • Step4: Add BNB or ETH to the wallet.
  • Step5: Swap ETH to DGI.


 Q1. Why is DGI crypto trending?

Ans. Digifit coin in the news probably because it is about to enter the crypto market.

Q2. What is the contract address of the Crypto?

Ans. 0x6e4a188e2ee03ca916ad8a34529359778227f1b0. 


To sum up, Digifit Crypto is a market-oriented and problem-focused solution that can bring wonders if launched successfully. Still, the above facts alert the users to take full caution and not fall prey.

If you like the above crypto info and want to give other crypto suggestions for future research, then please feel free to let us know in the comment box.

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