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Digicars Trading Auto Scam: Check Details On Digicars Auto Trading Issue, and Review

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Digicars Trading Auto Scam to learn how it works and how to avoid getting scammed.

Did you know Digicars Auto Trading company was a victim of rumours that had spread on the internet and social media in the Philippines? Why is Digicars Auto Trading treated as a scam? Digicars Auto Trading has Swak-Dito, DigiBikes, and Kuya Cars as their sister entities, and the company has a long-standing and doing well in business. So, is it scamming people? let’s analyze facts related to Digicars Trading Auto Scam.


About DAT Scam:

Digicars Auto Trading company was established during the time of covid pandemic. The owners and higher management of Digicars Auto Trading have rich experience in dealing with the sale of automobiles. Since its establishment, Digicars Auto Trading has performed well and gained positive customer feedback and excellent ratings.

The rampage:

However, the rumours about the Digicars Auto Trading scam started in mid of 2022 when The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading And General Merchandise company was ramping down. It started firing its marketing agents one after another. The ramp-down was so severe that hundreds of customers got affected.

Digicars Auto Trading Issue:

The customers could not contact the agents involved in selling them cars. Such agents no longer accessed customers’ records as they were fired. The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading And General Merchandise was constantly updating their social media pages about further employees getting released by the company.

Several customers were worried as they had taken the car by paying 50% down payments, and the remaining amount was supposed to be in the form of a loan. For getting vehicle loans, the agents used to coordinate between the bank and the customers. Customers started giving negative Digicars Auto Trading Review fearing that they would pay The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading And General Merchandise from their pocket if they did not get the loan. 

Further, the agents fired from The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading And General Merchandise joined Digicars Auto Trading company! At the same time, there were rumours that The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading And General Merchandise was going in losses and would face bankruptcy soon or at least within 6-months. The speculations were extensively shared on Reddit. The link is provided below.

Fear of same origin:

Further, the customers tried to check the correlation between The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading And General Merchandise and anticipated Digicars Trading Auto Scam, as most agents joined it. The social media users claimed that they had found that both are the same companies offering similar products, services, and offers, including 0% interest, low EMI, 50% down payments, and huge discounts.

Effect of unrealistic Ponzi schemes:

These similarities made people believe Digicars Auto Trading is also scamming people with Ponzi schemes. Customers speculated that as both companies are of the same origin, Digicars Auto Trading company will soon get bankrupt.

Customer reviews:

Digicars Trading Auto gained 4/5 stars from 40 Google reviews. It gained 4.8/5 stars from 208 Digicars Trading Auto Scam reviews on a customer review website. scored 100 trust score but a terrible 23.7% business ranking.

Social media links:


The situation became serious when customers started contacting agents and giving death threats to them. On Digicars Auto Trading FB pages, the company announced that its stores will remain closed until further notice due to threats. The CEO had to release a video to build confidence, and the company released a public notice that Digicars Auto-Trading is an independent business entity.

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Trading Auto Scam – FAQ

1Q. What was stated in the public notice by Digicars Auto Trading?

Digicars Auto Trading company stated they are victims of social media rumours.

2Q. Is Digicars Auto Trading ramping down?

Its social media pages showed notices of several agents leaving the company. However, Digicars Auto Trading claimed that it is growing in business, and its sister firms – Swak-Dito, DigiBikes, and Kuya Cars are also progressing in the market.

3Q. Will Digicars Auto Trading go bankrupt in the near future?

The public notice stated that Digicars Auto Trading company is in good standing and will fight for its customers against Digicars Trading Auto Scam rumors. The public notice tried to build customer confidence and awareness that The Ark Trading company is a different entity.

4Q. Why do people suspect Digicars Auto Trading is a scam?

As agents from The Ark Trading company moved to Digicars Auto Trading, it caused a severe financial impact on the customers, making them believe 0% interest, low EMI, huge discounts, and 50% downpayment offers were a scam.

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