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Did Will Smiths Wife Cheat On Him {March} Read Facts!

The article lights on the recent Oscar controversy and digs out the extramarital affairs controversy Did Will Smiths Wife Cheat On Him.  

Do you know the recent Oscar slap has sparked another controversy? That famous actor Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett, was having an affair. The discussion takes place due to some news and media reports. The news is also sparked in countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland.

As per the internet sources, we find some clues that fire up the marriage controversy between power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Let’s focus on the matter – Did Will Smiths Wife Cheat On Him

The Speculated Controversy

The legendary actor, Will Smith and his wife Jada, were married for 25 years. But in 2020, a television program demanded that Jada is in a relationship with famous songwriter August Alsina. At that time, both Will and Jada disagreed with all the affairs speculations. 

But on the other hand, August openly said that he had a relationship with Jada on the radio show. After the open confession in August, many fans in New Zealand and Australia started saying that Smith and his wife had spoiled their marriage. Not only that, but they also claim that Pinkett cheated on Smith.

Will Smith Wife Cheating

Many experts provide a different view on the matter. But Pinkett, the 50 years old lady, posted message words in the pink background after the controversial event happened on the podium of the Oscar event. 

After Pinkett’s post, her daughter Willow posted another post on “Instagram” literally wanting support for her family. Meanwhile, the versatile actor of the United States, Will Smith, issued an apology statement for slapping Rock. 

But Pinkett hints at her relationship with August in the “Red Table Talk”. After her comment about the relationship with August, many people started digging into the matter. 

Did Will Smiths Wife Cheat On Him? 

As per the internet sources, we find that Pinkett and Alsina started a friendship four and half years back. Pinkett admits that the time was not good with Will. The marriage of Smith and Jada faced lots of problems and controversies. 

At that time, Pinkett met August, and they started dating each other. Even Jada was separated from Will to get a divorce from married life. 

The Jada Pinkett Smith, an American actor admitted that while married to Will Smith she was in an unexpected relation with August Alsina, singer, Due to this reason, many fans in Canada ask – Who Did Will Smiths Wife Cheat With

Why is the News Trending? 

The controversial news comes after the Oscar incident happened on Sunday night. Will Smith slapped the famous comedian Rock for joking about Jada. 

After the incident, many media reports publish the old interview of August and Pinkett. Where they both separately admitted the relationship.


Meanwhile, many people argue against taking strict action against Will Smith for his behaviour. On the other hand, Will has already asked for an apology for his unparliamentary conduct. But still, many people think the Oscar committee should take action against Smith. 

But for this incident, people are getting another controversy that raises the question- Did Will Smiths Wife Cheat On Him. You can also check the issue by clicking the link

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