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Did Ban Montana TikTok: When & Why Montana Ban Tik Tok? Know Facts Now!

Did Ban Montana TikTok write-up have all the details and links related to the law that bans adversaries’ social media apps in Montana State?

Has Montana State banned the Tiktok social media application in its geographical location? How have Tiktok officials responded to the law that has specifically named the application? Tiktok is prohibited in some countries, but Montana’s recent legislation makes it the first state in the United States to ban social media Apps.

The recent tweet of the Montana Governor confirmed the news, while some federal lawmakers wanted it banned in the country. Did Ban Montana TikTok cover all the details related to the new law and public reaction to it in countries like Canada


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Montana Governor Tweet on Tiktok Ban:

Governor Greg Gianforte posted a tweet on 18th May 2023 stating that he has instructed the chief information officer to ban any app that leaks personal information. The tweet also named Tiktok the only social media app that provides personal data to state adversaries from the countries network.

The Governor’s notification to Chief Information is also available on the Twitter handle of Greg Gainforte. The tweet has attracted 317 replies and 126 retweets in less than one day. 

When Did Montana Ban TikTok?

TikTok is facing criticism due to its connection with China and its government. The voice against this app was raised in the United States at different times. US officials and lawmakers have voiced their reservations against this app. The Montana House of Representatives lawmakers passed a bill with a majority of 54-43 last month. 

The bill was sent to Governor Greg Gainforte, who signed it on 18th May 2023, making it a law. The Governor sent the signed document to the Chief Information Officer for its implementation. The Tiktok ban law will come into effect from January 2024. 

Why Did Montana Ban Tik Tok?

The previous Federal government’s relationship with China deteriorated on various fronts. The widening trade deficit with China and the “Taiwan issue” further heighted the conflict between the two countries. Some lawmakers and officials suspected China might spy on its citizens with different devices and steal their private data. 

The officials see China as its adversary and do not want to expose its citizen to Chinese equipment. The Governor’s tweet further stated that Bill tries to protect Montana citizens’ personal and private data from the Chinese Communist Party. The law is seen as the toughest measure taken by the US state to restrict Tiktok over perceived security threats. 

Tiktok Officials Responded to Did Ban Montana TikTok:

Tiktok officials have responded to the ban and asked users to continue using the app for personal growth. Tiktok app is popular among the citizens, and some also use it to earn their livelihood. Tiktok released a statement saying the Governor has infringed the Constitutional right of Montana citizens by unlawfully banning the app.

It also said that the app helped many earn a living, express themselves and connect with their favorite community. NetChoice, a technology trade group, has called the Montana law unconstitutional and alleged that the ban ignores the Constitution in denying free speech and access to apps that citizens for different purposes.

How Did Ban Montana TikTok affect social media users:

The r/news community on Reddit reacted to a thread from a news network. The one-day-old thread attracted more than 1.2 k comments. Most netizens wanted to understand the law that enforces the ban. 

Some comments suggested that government will disallow the Google play store and Apple Store from hosting the Tiktok app. Some netizens in Canada believed that the law is a little bold in its approach as it bans a societal app.

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Final verdict:

Montana becomes the first American state to ban Tiktok in its area, prohibiting its use within the state line.

Is Montana justified in banning a social app? Please comment.

Did Ban Montana TikTok: FAQs

Q.1 Which company owns Tiktok social media app?

Tiktok app is owned by Chinese company ByteDance.

Q.2 What is the bill’s name that bans social media apps in Montana?

The bill named SB419 bans social media apps in Montana State. 

Q.3 What other provision related to app ban is mentioned in Montana law?

A person using the app will be fined $ 10000 per day for the violation. 

Q.4 What other social media apps can be banned under Montana law?

Social media apps tied to foreign adversaries, like CapCut and Lemon8, may get banned.

Q.5 When Did Montana Ban TikTok?

Montana banned the Tiktok application for security reasons.

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