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[Updated] Did Alan Jackson Daughter Pass Away: Check Wiki To Her Age, Parents Details, Net worth, About Husband & Other Unknown Biography Facts!

Today’s article Did Alan Jackson Daughter Pass Away announces a beautiful moment shared by the country star’s daughter, whose spouse died in 2018.

What did Mattie Jackson announce recently? What was she thankful for? Many Alan Jackson fans Worldwide are curious to know about the announcement of Alan’s daughter.

A few people misunderstood and thought Alan’s daughter had passed away, which is incorrect information. However, she found her love again four years after her husband died in 2018. So, let us check more on Did Alan Jackson Daughter Pass Away in this post.


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How did Mattie Jackson’s spouse pass away?

Four years after Mattie Jackson Selecman loses her spouse, Alan Jackson’s daughter declares her engagement. She lost her husband in 2018 in a terrible accident and recently announced on November 27, 2022, that she was getting engaged to Connor Smith, her boyfriend.

The country star’s daughter found her love again after four years, whom she met through a close buddy in 2021. However, Alan’s daughter is alive and fine.

Who was Mattie Jackson’s spouse?

Mattie Jackson’s Husband was Ben Selecman, who died in an accident in 2018. He slipped and suffered a brain injury when on holiday in Florida. Sadly, he incurred mortal injuries, a sorrow that shook the Jackson family.

What was Mattie’s recent announcement?

Mattie Jackson recently posted an Instagram photo of her ring with a note that she was feeling deeply grateful, delighted, and delighted for such a surprise. Still, it is so enthusiastically that she has prayed for her engagement. 

At the Age of 32, Mattie also mentioned Connor Smith stating that she adores his joyful personality, caring heart, and contagious zest for life. She was very excited to marry him and begin a family with him. He was the greatest gift wrapped up in the finest possible form. Also, she mentioned her love for Smith. 

About Mattie’s Book:

In her new book, “Lemons on Friday,” Mattie shared her thoughts on losing her husband, Ben. She spoke in 2021 about her spouse, Selecman, whom Mattie met while attending Tennessee University. Ben was among the most prominent personalities she had ever met, and they were celebrating on that fatal day in 2018 summer until the unimaginable took place.

Mattie Jackson’s Net worth:

Mattie Jackson’s worth is approximately 800K USD as of 2022. She is Sommelier-certified and previously operated a Nashville wine bar. Mattie also holds a degree in creative writing from Tennessee University.

The Good News in Mattie’s Life:

The excellent news about Mattie Jackson’s engagement arrives four years after Mattie’s spouse, Ben Selecman, passed away in September 2018 from a head injury sustained when he slipped on a boat dock. 

Tennessee’s Davidson County’s Assistant District Attorney, 28-year-old Ben Selecman, suffered severe brain damage in the collision. Ben later passed away following multiple operations and an eleven-day chemically comatose state. Mattie had previously announced her relationship with Connor in April 2022.

She stated in April that she claimed, prayed, and believed for three and a half years, and God had given her another chance to adore somebody again with her unconditional love and heart.

Quick Wiki:

  • Real Name- Mattie Jackson Selecman
  • Profession- Student
  • Date of birth- June 19, 1990 
  • Siblings- Alexandra Jane Jackson and Dani Grace Jackson
  • Education- Tennessee University
  • Spouse- Ben Selecman (died in 2018)
  • Grandparents- Eugene Jackson and Ruth Musick
  • Relationship – Engaged with Connor Smith
  • Parents– Alan Jackson and Denise Jackson

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Mattie Jackson, daughter of Alan Jackson, recently declared her engagement with Connor Smith, four years after her spouse Ben Selecman passed away. She also shared a post on Instagram, declaring to found her love again. You must check more about Mattie Jackson’s details here.

Do you know how Mattie’s husband died? Share your obituaries for her husband in the section below.

Did Alan Jackson Daughter Pass Away: FAQS

Q1. Who is Mattie Jackson?

Mattie Jackson is Alan Jackson, the country star’s daughter.

Q2. Who was Mattie Jackson’s spouse? 

Ben Selecman

Q3. When did Mattie’s spouse die?

September 12, 2018

Q4. Whom did Mattie Jackson engage recently?

Mattie Jackson got engaged to Connor Smith, her boyfriend.

Q5. Where did Mattie Jackson first meet Ben Selecman? 

She met Ben while being a student at Tennessee University.

Q6. Who is Mattie’s mother?

Denise Jackson

Q7. How old is Mattie Jackson

As per her Biography, Mattie Jackson is 32. 

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