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Let’s consider the information on Scam further to prevent yourself from a fraudulent job portal.

Have you heard about this site that offers online work? Do you ever hear the name of the website People from various nations, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and India, are discussing it.

People who are looking for online work are curious to know the details about Scam to save themselves from any financial loss. It claims it is an income site, so to get the precise point of this website, we will study its vital facts. 


Disclaimer-We are not promoting web portal just we are offering details so readers can know about the scams.

 Is there any scam associated with

Dialwidgets is an online store that sells Fool-Proof Way to Create a Mostly Automated Income from Home and other catalogs in the Revenue generating site category.

However, our study found that it is a fake site; after clicking on its link, users are redirected to another website. This website interlinks topauljames. Co.

Why is the Scam trending?

It is getting attention because it offers jobs from home, but it has cheated many users; they did not get any login process. The available link of the job offering platform redirects users to another relevant site. It is a too-young website and not followed by several users.

If we talk about the trust count, it is very low, only 3%. However, the main concern that it is legit or not. Here we will see its various credential details that will help users know whether Scam is legit.

Let us examine the specifics of this job portal.

  • On 14th June, 2022, the web application was registered.
  • The web application will be decommissioned on 14thJune,2023.
  • is too young.
  • NAMECHEAP INC. is the company that owns the website.
  • As a result, this portal was only 4-months old when it was initiated.

What exactly is offered by

It provides consumers with a web-based work process. In addition, it gives users the option of signing up for a lecture. This enrollment will most likely be free. But, then, you must attend the class at the scheduled time to be taught the earning techniques.

Is Scam opinion posted on Reddit?

This online application is promoting itself on Redditt. Unfortunately, here we did not get any comments from the users. But still, users are looking at its legitimate points before going with it.

To analyze the post on Redditt, we found that it is a new application and does not possess much detail about it. So, getting more data about the web application will be better.

What is the earning limit of claims thatby using it users can get the best chance of earning. Using it users can earn approximately $1,000 to $2,000 each week.

However, this portal will assist you to generate self-income within it. Although it is not easy to believe so, Scam might be faced by many people seeking jobs from home.

How can you reach this web application?

It has a contact us page, but the developer did not mention its communication number or official email address. So, we did not get detailson how to contact them.

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After discovering every specific detailabout we found it is a fake portal. 

 Have you ever used such kind of a portal? Please comment. Scam-FAQs-

Q.1 Is the web application a forgery?

Ans- Yes, we thought this website was suspicious.

Q.2 Is it linked with pauljames. Co?

Ans-Yes, it is redirecting to this particular website, so that I might be a scam.

 Q.3 When it has been launched? 

Ans- It is unknown.

Q.4 What about its trust score?

Ans- It contains a horrible trust score of 3%.

Q.5 Is it promoting itself on the social portal?

Ans- No.

Q.6 How to contact this online portal?

Ans- There is no contact detail available.

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