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Dhami Harvinder Funeral: Get Complete Details On Harvinder Singh Dhami Obituary

The article explains Harvinder Singh and the crash that led to his death. People can obtain information about his Funeral by reading Dhami Harvinder Funeral.

Do you know who Harvinder Singh is? Did you hear the news of his death? What was the cause of the death, and when was his Funeral? People from Canada attended the Funeral and showered their blessings on him. Harvinder is a kind natured person. Know more details by reading Dhami Harvinder Funeral.    


Who is Harvinder Singh Dhami?

 The 32-year-old cop, Harvey, was praised as a trustworthy co-worker who took pride in wearing his uniform. Before being assigned to Strathcona County in 2019, Dhami completed his training at the RCMP Academy. Dhami spent three years volunteering in Brampton, Ontario, giving meals to senior Punjabi citizens. Harvinder was proud to be in RCMP. He has his way of performing his duties. He was known to be an honorable man and a truly spoken person. More details about his crash and the Funeral are below.

Harvinder Singh Dhami Obituary

An Alberta RCMP officer who died more than a week ago is currently being given a regimental funeral. East of Edmonton, an officer from the Strathcona County detachment named Const. Harvinder Singh Dhami passed away. He died while driving to aid teammates regarding a noise allegation. 

No other information has been provided by the RCMP other than the claim that Dhami’s car struck a sizable concrete barrier on a route northeast of Sherwood Park early on April 10.

The young officer, fondly referred to as “Harvey,” is a loyal team member who was pleased to wear the RCMP uniform. More details on Dhami Harvinder Funeral are below.

Cause of Death

The RCMP cruiser Dhami was operating collided with a concrete barrier on Township Road 540. It was just east of the North Saskatchewan River in Strathcona County. The crash happened at around two in the morning on Monday, April 10. This incident occurred while Dhami was performing his official duties.

Information on Funeral services – Harvinder Singh Dhami

A memorial service will be conducted at the Millennium Place leisure center in Sherwood Park from 11:30 a.m. after a funeral procession that began at Bethel Lutheran Church around 10 a.m. Dhami Harvinder Funeral information is provided.

The public is welcome to stand along the path of the funeral procession to show their respect, according to the RCMP, who also note that the service will only be open to approved family, first responders and friends. Many people poured their comments on various social media sites. They were upset about the loss, and Dhami had huge fans and friends for his kind nature.

Instead of sending flowers or other gifts, the RCMP requests that the public assist their neighborhood Meals on Wheels program. The RCMP can also receive email condolence notes from the general public.

Wiki – Dhami Harvinder Funeral         

  • Name: Harvinder Singh Dhami
  • Nick Name: Harvey
  • Birth Year: 1990
  • Age: 32 years
  • Date of death: April 10th, 2023
  • Place of Death: Edmonton 
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Wife: Dhami – Randhawa
  • Parents: unknown
  • Funeral: Thursday
  • Funeral Place: Bethel Lutheran Church

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As per online sources, Harvinder Dhami died on duty on April 10th, 2023. The cause of the death is the car crash that happened when he went to help his co-officers based on the complaint they received. Due to the heavy injuries, he passed away. His funeral services were held on Thursday, which hundreds of officers attended. Gather more details online.

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Dhami Harvinder Funeral- FAQ         

Q1. Who is Harvinder Singh Dhami?

He was an RCMP constable. He was a member of the Strathcona County detachment.

Q2. When he died?

Harvinder passed away on April 10th, 2023.

Q3. When was Harvinder’s Funeral held?

His Funeral was held on Thursday at 10 a.m.

Q4. In which place did Harvinder’s Funeral hold?

Harvinder’s Funeral was held in Strathcona County at Bethel Lutheran Church.

Q5. What is the reason for the death?

The vehicle of the Harvinder lost its control, which led to hitting the barrier. Due to the crash, he was heavily injured and died.

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