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Deyhimi Yazmeen LinkedIn – Check More Information On Instagram

Look at the details to understand why is Deyhimi Yazmeen LinkedIn  trending.  Check out her Instagram confession details here.

Do young humans have strong minds? People in many countries, including the United States, are showing their interest after looking into Deyhimi Yazmeen reaction video. The footage gives a clear picture where she is seen disrespecting due to anger. This has led to many discussions about how well young people can handle their emotions when they are upset.

This post will shed light on what exactly happened and why Deyhimi Yazmeen LinkedIn is trending. Also, learn about her in detail.

About Deyhimi Yazmeen LinkedIn

People are searching for the LinkedIn page of Deyhimi Yazmeen which is currently not found. It is because she is in the news for her actions on the streets of Israel. Deyhimi is seen with her friends in the video, which led to the severe backlash and provoking calls for liability. 

Let us understand what the video is about and why people are also looking for Yazmeen Deyhimi Instagram page. 

Viral Footage of Deyhimi Yazmeen

The video is the 14-second footage that features Yazmeen Deyhimi and one more girl wearing khaki pants. They were seen taking down the posters of Israeli hostages pasted on the walls. One more man is seen in the video who is seen wearing a hoodie. However, his identification is unknown. 

Deyhimi Yazmeen LinkedIn is rising in search engines because the video caused a lot of anger among the public. 

Circulation of Deyhimi viral video   

The video was uploaded by a group called Student Supporting Israel New York University (SSI_NYU) on Monday, October 16, 2023. This video featured Yazmeen Deyhimi and her friends. 

SSI_NYU even posted a picture where the two women were seen smiling while holding the crumpled papers and then throwing them in the trash. It was also mentioned that the other lady in the video was a student at New York University.

Yazmeen Deyhimi Instagram Confession

Yazmeen Deyhimi and her friends removed posters of hostages taken by Hamas during the Middle East conflict at Tisch Hall in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Later, on Instagram, she apologized and clarified her actions. 

She shared on Instagram that she was indeed one of the people in the video. She said she was sorry and then deleted her Instagram account however, post is available in twitter. 

She also explained that she felt very upset and angry because she is a mixed-race woman, and these times are challenging. She admitted that her actions didn’t truly represent who she was.

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More details on Deyhimi Yazmeen LinkedIn 

Yazmeen Deyhimi’s LinkedIn profile reveals her advocacy against discrimination towards Muslims. It also shows that she worked as an intern with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) when she was just 15 years old. The ADL confirmed her participation in their high school internship program in 2019.




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In Yazmeen Deyhimi’s video, actions have drawn attention to young people’s behavior. The incident, where she removed posters about Israeli hostages

This made her widely searched on Deyhimi Yazmeen LinkedIn. The video led to criticism, and Deyhimi later confessed on Instagram, sharing her struggles.

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