Dewata 12 Jkt Com 2021

Dewata 12 Jkt Com {May} – Get All The Details Here!

Dewata 12 Jkt Com {May} – Get All The Details Here! >> Please read the below article to know about the legitimacy of the newly created website.

Are you also searching about Dewata 12 Jkt Com website and want to know what it is? People worldwide, especially from Indonesiawant to know what this website is about. 

We have reviewed various websites offering various products and services to their users, but this is one website about which everyone is curious to know in detail. Please keep on reading the article to see the information we have gathered about this site.

What is Dewata 12 Jkt Com?

Dewata 12 was created on 4th February, 2021. This Indonesia-based website does not reveal its founder. So, the identity of the founder or the developer is unknown, just like the purpose of this website. When we search more about this site on Google, we see a private Facebook page that is not open to everybody.

The site and its identity are pretty suspicious that we cannot gather much information about it. The social media page of this website shows that only one person is following it.

Necessary Details about Dewata 12 Jkt Com

  • This website has a domain age of fewer than six months and is only four months and four days old.
  • Domain Creation Date: 4th February, 2021
  • Domain Expiry Date: 4th February, 2022
  • When we went online to predict the quality of this online site’s reviews, we found nothing on Trustpilot or on other podiums online. 
  • Besides this empty review section, the site is suspected to be a source of an online scam and we don’t recommend to use it. 

Is The Site Reliable?

Trusting an online website like, Dewata 12 Jkt Com having a domain age less than six months is not advisable. So, after checking its domain age, we moved ahead to check its trust score index.

This search result of this website shows a deficient trust score index of about 1% on a reliable portal. Moreover, the site suggests the users to check the privacy policies first before using them.  

Final Verdict

Dewata 12 Jkt Com is a quite a questionable and shady website about which not much information is available on Google. If you search about it, you will lead to an empty website with no content and no posts or pages. The site has a Facebook page only, with only one person following. The domain is also just a few months old, which shows that the website is quite questionable, as of now.

We have this much information available for this site. Do you know more about this website? Have you visited its official Facebook group? If you know what this website is all about, our comment box is waiting for your reviews.

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