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Detective Robert Strand: Is He Arrested on Duty For Child Exploitation? Is Incident Occurred in Sandoval County, New Mexico? Get Facts Here!

This article details Detective Robert Strand and his case concerning child ill-treatment and exploitation.

Are you looking for information on the Robert Strand case, who was found with inappropriate materials for children? A case is filed against Robert Strand in New Mexico, where he was arrested for the ill-treatment of a child, and the readers of the United States want to know everything. 

Therefore, if you want to know everything related to Detective Robert Strand and his connection with the child’s ill-treatment, then check out the article. 


What happened to Robert Strand?

Robert Strand, a detective and Sandoval County Sheriff’s deputy was caught red-handed for possessing an item that led to the child’s ill-treatment. He is believed to possess the child’s intimate video, which makes the case serious in countries like the United States and others.

About Sandoval County Detective Robert Strand

Robert Strand was arrested by the special agents of New Mexico of the Attorney General Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC). The ICAC received a tip about the child abduction, missing, and exploitation of Children. 

When the investigation team came, the superior officer cooperated with them, and Robert was sent on administrative leave until the investigation ended. The Sheriff wants everything done professionally, and there won’t be any disturbance in the investigation. 

What is the evidence gathered by the team?

The On Duty Detective Arrested, i.e., Robert Strand, for child ill-treatment and having intimate videos of different kids on his devices. During the investigation, the special team checked every aspect and found some disturbing videos and photos of children as young as infants on Robert’s electronic devices.

After that, the team arrested Robert and said that every kid should feel a place in the country, and if there is any case of child exploitation and other ill-treatment, then the team would intervene. 

New Mexico’s attorney general took the case and ensured that Robert served a maximum sentence for this crime. 

Are the images still available?

All the images found on the phone are in possession of AG. Robert Strand New Mexico doesn’t have an attorney at present. It is said that more than 100 pictures and videos are available on his device, and everyone is related to children. 

The children’s ages in the photos are between a year and 13, and everyone is getting ill-treated by some mature person. 

Did Strand come forward?

Robert Strand said in an investigation that he deleted the photos after seeing them, but there are many GIFs and other related kinds of stuff found in his phone. 

The charges against Detective Robert Strand are not yet revealed but will be out soon when the investigation finishes. 

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Final Words 

Sheriff Robert Strand is accused of Child Exploitation, but the verdict is not out yet. Therefore, it would be best to check the final call from the court before coming to any conclusion. 

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Detective Robert Strand– FAQs

1: Where did the incident happen?

A: Sandoval County, New Mexico.

2: Who was the senior officer in the department?

A: Sheriff Jesse James Casaus.

3: What is ICAC?

A: Internet Crimes Against Children.

4: What is the name of the Attorney General who was involved in the case?

A: The Attorney General’s name is not disclosed anywhere. 

5: When did the incident happen?

A: The ICAC searched the belongings of Robert Strand in May 2022. 

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