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Derelict Roblox Wiki: Details On Derelict Trello Roblox, Roblox Guide

This analysis on the Derelict Roblox Wiki will help you to understand the gameplay of the Derelict simulator in the Roblox. Please read.

Are you fond of experiencing different simulators in Roblox? Did you ever play Derelict Roblox? Many gamers are searching about Derelict Roblox Wiki as people are finding this simulator interesting. All the gamers in the Philippines, Thailand, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world are desperate to know the gameplay of this simulator. So, read more about it here.

Wiki Details On The Derelict Roblox! 

Roblox is the most loved game of all. People of different age groups can enjoy different types of simulators available in Roblox. This time, the Derelict simulator is one of the most trending simulators. This simulator deals with the dark souls and this RPG genre game is also popular for MMOs. It sounds exciting when you deal with some unique things. Derelict Trello Roblox informs us about many additional details like the creation, number of players who liked or disliked the game, its gameplay, combat, etc. This game was created by Scrambledly Studios on May 29, 2022. This simulator was updated recently on September 2, 2023. 

Around ten thousand gamers gave it a thumbs up while around two thousand gamers did not like the game. Due to certain factors like the use of blood and violence as it deals with dark souls, the game is suitable for people above 13. The age warning has been mentioned on its Trello. It seems to be an exciting game.

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Derelict Roblox Guide

It is vital to know the gameplay and specifications of the game. Here we will discuss some of the important keys that can help to smoothen your game. 

Talking about the stats of the game, vitality increases the health of the user by 5. Strength rises your health by 1 and sorcery rises your max soul by 0.5. 

Moving to the control of the game, you can use the keys “W/A/S/D” for the movement, LMB for Attacking, RMB to parry or block, “Q” to dodge, and “E” to interact. You can dodge, attack, block, and parry in the game. 

Derelict Roblox Wiki revealed that there are two kinds of dodging techniques available in the game. The first one is dodge-rolling and the other is sidestepping. You also get different types of armor in the game. Various types of armor available to you are leather armor, brute armor, ranger armor, and rogue armor. Specifications of each armor differ from one another and the criteria to purchase these armors are also different. 

DISCLAIMER: We have given the details on this simulator after researching online. You can seek more details by visiting its official Trello on Roblox.

Are there any working codes? 

People may even ask for the codes for the Derelict Roblox Wiki. However, many online sites also upload the new codes timely. However, this time there are no codes available for the gamers. The codes mentioned online are expired codes and were launched last year. No recent coupon codes have been launched by the developers. If any codes will be posted by the team, we will surely update our readers.


Summarising this post here, our team gave all the genuine updates on the Roblox Derelict. We hope that the details mentioned here are helpful and will ease your gameplay. You should try this simulator at least once. 

Do you need more facts on the Derelict Roblox Wiki? Kindly give your opinions in the comment section below.

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