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Deluxe Loyalty Program Scam: Find Complete Information On Its Reviews, And Claim Program

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Deluxe Loyalty Program Scam to know why customers are treating the program as fraud.

Delux Loyalty Program is a year-old platform offering rewards for its members at various retail outlets in the United States. Deluxe Loyalty Program was marketed extensively by including logos of Dominos, Burger King, Subway, Walmart, The Home depot, Etc. Did you hear about Deluxe Loyalty Program Scam? Let’s check the facts below.

Deluxe Loyalty Program Scam:

The Deluxe Loyalty Program fraud came to light when customers started receiving emails about unclaimed rewards. The customers started receiving emails from mid of July/2023. The mail had a heading as – Final Notice. It informed the customers that they had $100 rewards in credit for their purchases at Walmart. It further stated that the rewards would be automatically forfeited if no customer response was received.

The emails had callback numbers, differing on postcards sent to different customers. A few numbers were 1(888)265-7890, 1(888)474-2135, 1(888)664-5635, Etc. All the postcards with Deluxe Loyalty Program Claim informed a claim number which started with the character ‘C’ followed by a seven-digit number.

Customer experience:

The $100 unclaimed reward was pitched to receive calls from customers curious to claim it. A customer shared his experience of calling the number. The unauthentic customer service representative told the customer that he had won $100 and his debit card or credit card details were required to credit the rewards.

The customer avoided giving his card details. But, the customer service representative stretched on getting the details. Next, the representative tried to lure the customer, stating he had won another $50 reward for shopping at Walmart, as a part of Deluxe Loyalty Program Scam plot. Overall, customer experience suggests that the representative was curious about getting card details.

With the incident, it is speculated that Deluxe Loyalty Program’s $100 unclaimed reward notice was sent to random people. The postcard did not have a membership number. Only the mailing address was mentioned. People who were members of the Deluxe Loyalty Program for their purchases at Walmart became curious to know more about the unclaimed rewards.

How does Deluxe Loyalty Program work?

It must be noted that Deluxe Loyalty Program does not offer real money. Hence, the postcards offering $100 unclaimed rewards were fake and part of Deluxe Loyalty Program Scam. Deluxe Loyalty Program only offers reward points, exclusive offers to members at retail outlets, and discounts.

Further, the reward points are credited to the customer’s Deluxe Loyalty Program account. Such reward points can be redeemed at retail outlets that are a part of the Deluxe Loyalty Program network. Deluxe Loyalty Program offers exclusive discounts and offers to travelers and foodies.

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Deluxe Loyalty Program Reviews:

Several website reviews pointed out that Deluxe Loyalty Program drives membership by offering bogus reward programs. The official website of the Deluxe Loyalty Program disclaimed any type of warranty or guarantee of their reward programs and did not mentioned offering $100 cash, accounted for Deluxe Loyalty Program Reviews. Several customers reported that their reward points were not credited to their accounts.

Twelve websites and one YouTube review suggested that the $100 unclaimed reward notice is a scam. Amid such feedback, the website and Deluxe Loyalty Program were considered possible scams.

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Conclusion: gained a good 92% trust, an above average 64.9% business, 9% suspicion, 10% malware, 1% spam, 11% threat, and phishing scores; a poor 3,069,109 Alexa rank and 3/100 Domain Authority. Hence, Deluxe Loyalty Program is possibly a legitimate scheme. The postcards received by the customers indicate high-end scamming plots by fraudsters. Deluxe Loyalty Program reward points do not have a cash value.

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