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Defipet to PHP (July) How to Buy? Contract Address

Defipet to PHP (July) How to Buy? Contract Address >> Do you want to play a game and earn crypto tokens? Hurry up! Read the content for the details.

Do you want to play a game of monsters that contains unique battles and challenges in every season? Then, have your focus on today’s content that brings the highlights of Defipet to you. 

The trend of online virtual games has been increased among the people of the Philippines. This is because they love to spend time on the gaming platforms that allow them to collect, and breed.

Before jumping to the process to access the token, we want you to get well-known with the price of Defipet to PHP, supply, and many more interesting facts.

What is Defipet?

It is a pet game formed with a combination of traditional game experiences and collectibles. The three characteristic words have been combined, i.e., ‘My’ stands for personalization, ‘Defi’ means integrated features, and ‘Pet’ symbolizes the virtual pet raising games.

DPET, the in-game currency, allows the users to get access to the latest features and weapons in the game. 

Are you prepared to accept the challenges of the game? If so, you have to purchase the token, but you must know the price conversion of Defipet to PHP before that.

Founders of the My Defi Pet

The primary activities included in the game are collecting, breeding, evolving new monsters, and do trading. The concept behind the game is fantastic and might excite the readers to know the founder of it.

Well, the token was launched in the crypto world by KardiaChain in 2021. It is a decentralized blockchain platform in South East Asia. The DeFi pet has collaborated with a TopeBox, game developer to bring such features into the game. 

The price of Defipet to PHP will be revealed soon. So, keep reading the content.

Price Chart of Defi Pet

  • Stock symbol -DPET
  • Price of the token – $5.84
  • Market Rank – 419
  • Market Dominance – 0.00%
  • Volume – 0.3187
  • Trading volume – $12,765,516.02
  • 24h low / 24h high – $5.25 / $6.86
  • Market Cap – $40,058,987.54
  • 7d low / 7d high – $2.10 / $8.69
  • All-time high – $8.69
  • All-time low – $0.263

What is the price of Defipet to PHP?

One Dpet token, when converted to Philippine Peso, is available at 296.5 PHP. The token price is down to -13.57% from the 24 hours. One can observe an upsurge in the weekly cost of the token by 279.91%.

Similarly, 1.8 DPET costs 539.93 PHP. These are the current conversion of the token. However, the price may vary at the time of your investment.

Price Prediction 

According to the crypto forecast platform, the token will increase its price in the future, making it a profitable investment for investors. 

It is expected that the highest price attained by the currency in coming years will be up to $29.12.

How to buy the token?

After getting known with Defipet to PHP, here are the steps to purchase the coin.

  • Make your account on a fiat-to-exchange crypto platform.
  • Purchase USDT to perform exchanges
  • Transfer the amount to Altcoin exchange
  • Deposit the currency and do trading of DPET.

Know the profile summary and holders of DPET here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the contract address?



Winding up today’s content, we have tried to share the current price of Defipet to PHP. If you are interested in purchasing the crypto coin, don’t forget to do your research too.

What are your opinions about investing in Defi pet? Please share with us.

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