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This article is about the recently launched NFT game and tells you the legitimacy of the Defi Plants NFT and tokenomics and game currency. Start reading.

Are you one of those investors who like to invest in the NFTs as they are easier to earn? Do you want to know about the new Defi that is released in the market? It is seen that the releases of the NFTs are increased rapidly in the Philippines and many more. 

This article will tell you about one of the NFT called Defi Plants NFT and tell you whether it is legitimate or a scam.

What are DeFi Plants?

DeFi Plants is an NFT game which is released recently in which you have to build your farms, harvest the crops, sell them in the market, and pet the animals. The best thing about this NFT game is its vibrant color and sceneries that make you stick with it and want to play more and more. 

If you think that DeFi plants are just another NFT game that focuses on the production of the token, then no. Defi Plants NFT is like a new definition of the farming simulation with better graphics and gaming experience and is available in countries like the Philippines and many more. 

What is the in-game currency of Defi Plants?

Every game has its in-game currency, which helps the users to buy the objects in the game. In the case of NFT, these game currencies can be used as crypto trading coins that help earn profit in the crypto market. 

The game currency of the DeFi plant is called Photons which can be converted into the NFT of the Defi Plants. The more you have photons, the more you can get the Grain (primary governance Token of DeFi Plant).

What are the different bundles in Defi Plants NFT?

You will find different limited crate bundles in the Defi Plant game, and each has its NFT ranges or random seeds. 

  1. Limited Crate Bundle 1

In this bundle, you will get 10 random seeds (NFT) whose price is 0.12, along with the contract address. 

  1. Limited Crate Bundle 2

In this Bundle crate, you will be able to get 2 Land (NFT) and 10 random Seed (NFT) whose price is 0.6. 

  1. Limited Crate Bundle 3

You will get the best items from this crate, like 2 permanent farmers (NFT), 4 Land (NFT), and 20 random seeds, and the price of these items is 1.2 

Tokenomics of the Plant DeFi NFT

Defi Plants NFT was released a few days back, and tokens are not available anywhere on the internet. However, we can grab some information about the tokenomics of this NFT that will help you decide whether you should invest in it or not. So, let’s find out.

  • Public Sale- 8%
  • Pre-sale- 4%
  • Airdrop- 0.5%
  • Advisors/Economist- 5%
  • Core team- 19%
  • Play to Earn- 20%
  • Eco-system Fund- 13.5

Is DeFi Plant a legitimate NFT or not?

Well, many people have stated their doubts and confusion regarding this NFT game as, for some reason, they cannot open the official website of the Defi Plants NFT. However, our research has gathered some information about the legitimacy of this website. So, let’s find out. 

  • The official site of the DeFi plant is not working as it is not opening. 
  • The social media links are not working at all. 
  • The domain age of this website is just 12 days old i.e. created on 09/09/2021. 
  • All the information related to this NFT is gone from the internet or restricted. 

We can only find the review videos of DeFi Plant. Here you can check the video for any information related to Defi Plant

Final Verdict 

With all the information we have gathered, we can say that Defi Plants NFT falls in the category of the suspicious list and cannot be trusted without more knowledge. However, there are many other NFTs active on the internet in which you can invest your time and earn profits. 

Please share your views with us regarding the Defi Plant in the comment section. 

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