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Defi Kingdoms Crypto (Jan) Contract Address, How To Buy?

Your search for detailed information about Defi Kingdoms Crypto ends here, and this news writing will give you all the details.

Are you also sometimes wondering about the crypto world? Whenever you hear or see something related to a crypto coin, several questions start running down your mind? 

Obviously, yes, many questions run down to our mind when we see something related to a coin because it is beneficial and lost full at the same time. 

In writing, we are giving you details about Worldwide popular coin; let us know about the coin’s pricing, statistics, FAQs, and other details about Defi Kingdoms Crypto

What is Defi Kingdoms coin?

This crypto coin is popular in working on a decentralized platform with a faster pace with a play-to-earn community. This will be used to buy different jewels of NFT. This is also available and lives on many platforms. 

Live marketing cap and circulating supply of the coin is not available with an ultimate supply of 500,000,000 JEWEL coins.

Who Are the Founders?

As the team details mentioned on the official website of the coin, Frisky Fox is the founder of this Defi Kingdoms Crypto, working with a great and talented team of people, who is willing to welcome new and talented people to their team. 

Price Data 

The price chart of the coin changes with time; right now, the coin price is $16.48, which is 8.87%lower than the original price; if you still wish to invest in the coin, then research well from your side about the future prediction of the coin.

Statistical Chart and Details

The statistical details and chart are an overview of the coin, which tells you the present, past, and future of the coin and give a better idea about Defi Kingdoms Crypto:

  • 24h low – $16.48
  • 24h high – $18.96
  • Fully diluted market cap – $8,240,297,042.65
  • Market cap volume-0.0002359
  • Price change-$-1.74
  • Price change percentage-9.65%
  • Trading volume-$243,964.26
  • Fully diluted market cap percentage – 8.84%

You must regularly monitor these statistics of any crypto coin you are investing in.

Buying Process 

If you wish to buy this coin, you have many options and different ways to buy it, as it is available on almost all official exchanges.

  • To buy the Defi Kingdoms Crypto from the coin base, you can first visit the exchange’s official website.
  • If you don’t own an account, create one with all the given instructions.
  • If you already have one, then log in with the right credential.
  • Also, this platform gives you many options to buy the coin.,
  • You can directly link your wallet and purchase it through the USD deposited in your wallet.
  • Or you can use any official coin and then buy the coin.
  • You are free to buy according to your choice.
  • Finally, locate the coin in any hardware wallet and trade in it.

Relatable Questions On Defi Kingdoms Crypto

Q1. What is the present market rank of this crypto token?

A1. The present market rank is #3792.

Q2. Mention the official contract address of the defi kingdom.

A2. The official contract address is https://defikingdoms.com/

Q3. Which one is the genuine contract address of the coin?

A3. The genuine contact address is 0x9014B937069918bd319f80e8B3BB4A2cf6FAA5F7

The Bottom Line 

After evaluating all the details about the crypto coin, we wrap-up that the price graph of the coin is almost 20% lower than the original price, so please research well before investing in this crypto to avoid any financial loss. Here you may learn more about this crypto coin.  

Do share with us what your calls are about Defi Kingdoms Crypto in the comment or feedback section. Visit here to learn about the best crypto coin to trade in 2022.  

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