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{Uncensored} Deepu Chawla Photos: Check Details Of Viral Mms, Video, Instagram!

The article talks about viral Deepu Chawla photos and the availability of viral MMs video on Instagram in a detailed manner.

Have you seen the trending Gungun Gupta private Mms and the Deepu Chawla Photos over the video? The video, which originated in India, is trending over the internet because of its explicit and intimate content. A few days before, the Gungun video was released, and currently, the boy in that video stole the spotlight. Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss Deepu Chawla in detail.

Deepu Chawla Photos availability

Deepu Chawla is the person who has been linked to the viral Gungun Gupta video. Gupta, the famous social media influencer’s private video of revealing her private parts to her boyfriend has been recorded and released online. But her boyfriend’s face wasn’t visible on the video. Currently, his face has been identified, that is “Deepu Chawla” and his photos can be seen all over the internet.

Deepu Chawla Viral Mms

The week before, the social media star Gungun Gupta from Mumbai was trapped in controversy after her video call with her boyfriend was released on the internet. Deepu seems to be the boyfriend of Gun Gun. In that viral video, we can see Gun wearing sleeveless black tops and jeans during her conversation, and then she removes her underpants and shows her private parts to her boyfriend. Deepu Chawla Viral Mms was released as their whole video call was released; they seemed to be using Snapchat, and most people are accusing Deepu of recording their intimate conversations. Hence, Deepu was the guy whom Gungun was video calling on the video.

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Deepu Chawla Viral Video

Presently, the viral Gun Gun and Deepu videos have been removed from the social media platform. A few days before the video was present, due to the sensitive and age-restricted contents, the video was removed. Some Twitter and Telegram channels claim to have released the Deepu Chawla Viral Video. But unfortunately, those links won’t be active. Instead, they will ask the users to install any suspicious third-party app, or the links may be fake. Hence, as of now, the Deepu and Gungun videos have been deleted.

Information on Deepu Chawla Instagram

Deepu Instagram ID is not available, and there are chances that he might have deactivated his account for some time after the controversy over his photo. But we were able to see Deepu’s photo all over Instagram. And most of the images are collaged with Gungun’s photos. Thus, the readers who want to see Deepu Chawla Instagram profile have to wait for some time, as now his Instagram account cannot be seen.

People reaction

There are mixed reactions from the public, with one set of people arguing that the whole video was a fabricated one, where the scammers used the technology to morph the face of Gungun and create that Deepu Chawla Viral Video. While another set of people claim that the video call was with her boyfriend, Deepu, so it must be true. But till now, both Deepu Chawla and Gungun haven’t uttered a single word about this incident. Their silence adds more fuel to the controversy.

Social media links

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Thus, the article discussed Deepu Chawla Photos, his relation to Gungun Gupta, and the viral video. Such leaked videos are violating people’s rights to privacy. Even though it was a real video, it was purely Gungun and Deepu’s matters, so that no one can comment on it. But releasing them online is the most inhumane act towards the couple.

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Disclaimer: The article deals with intimate and explicit stuff.

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