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[Update] Deasia Watkins Story: Who Is Baby Father? Check Complete Details On Baby Crime Photos, And Pictures Reddit

The Deasia Watkins Story has been explained in this article. How tragically Jayniah was murdered by her mother, Deasia, and more.  

Do you know the Deasia Watkins case? Who is Deasia? What did she do? Did she kill her 3-month-old daughter? Is Deasia in prison right now? If you want to know about the Deasia Watkins Story, this article is the right place. This story from the United States had previously shocked many people worldwide. 


Summary of Deasia Watkin’s Case

On 16th March 2015, a case of a 20-year-old young mother killing her infant daughter shocked and jolted the world. The infant was just 3 months old when she was killed brutally by her mother in the family house. Deasia Watkins was accused of killing her newborn daughter Jayniah Watkins. 

The victim’s condition was poor; she sustained countless injuries, wounds, and fractures. The horrifying thing was the infant was beheaded, and her body was lying on a kitchen countertop. 

Disclaimer: The particulars of Watkin’s case or incident are very troubling, disturbing, and horrific. Thus, we will provide credible and limited information on the case. 

Trending Baby Photos of Jayniah Watkins

The case is several years old, but recently the pictures from the crime scene have been trending on social media such as Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter. People are still petrified with the case’s details. The officers and other staff working on the case have told the media that this is arguably the most gruesome case they have seen in their entire work experience. 

Dr Lakshmi Sammarco of Hamilton County Coroner explained in her report, “Jayniah had so many wounds and injuries that they lost count of it.” Whoever was on the case was down-hearted, and Jayniah’s rest of the family was in inexplicable sorrow. 

Baby Father Pointed the Reason Behind Gruesome Act

Jayniah’s father reported to the authorities that Deasia had been behaving weirdly and crazy lately. As per sources, she was under the influence of a demon. On many occasions, Deasia was allegedly spotted talking to devils. This was all after Deasia delivered her baby. As per the records, she was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis, and later, she pleaded to be not guilty on the grounds of insanity. 

The court then ordered them to start psychiatric treatment for Deasia; after some time into the treatment, it was found that she stood a chance for a proper trial after analysing the Crime Photos. She has been declared unsafe for her child by a juvenile court. 

Sentence & Further Proceedings

Deasia Watkin was charged with the death of her newborn daughter, Jayniah Watkins. The autopsy report also found that the newborn had multiple skull fractures and was decapitated. Later, Deasia Watkin pleaded guilty to the charge, and she was sentenced to 15 years in prison (life sentence) along with the eligibility for Parole after 13 years. 

So, Deasia would probably be serving her time in prison currently. Her crime was unforgivable under any given situation. According to the trending Pictures Reddit, Jayniah was under the care of her aunt (as directed by the court) because the court considered Deasia a threat to Jayniah. 


This write-up has discussed one of the most gruesome and brutal assassination cases in history, where a mother killed her 3-month-old daughter mercilessly. She was sentenced to 15 years and found guilty of the charge. Deasia had a rough childhood and suffered from postpartum psychosis. For more details on Postpartum Psychosis, click here

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Must Read Updates on Deasia Watkins Story: FAQs

Q1. Who was Deasia Watkins?

A1. Deasia Watkins was an American young woman; she was 20 years old when she killed her daughter.

Q2. Who was Deasia’s daughter?

A2. Deasia’s daughter was Jayniah Watkins, and she was just 3 months old when she killed her brutally. 

Q3. Why did Watkins kill her daughter?

A3. As per Jayniah’s father, Deasia was suffering from some illness and was also heard talking to demons.

Q4. When did the Deasia Watkins case happen?

A4. On 16th March 2015, Deasia killed her daughter. At the same time, she was at her aunt’s house, under her care, because the court declared Deasia, a threat to her daughter. 

Q5. What does Baby Pictures from the crime scene depict? 

A5. Infant Jayniah was murdered brutally and decapitated, and her body had countless wounds.

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