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Dead Woman Found Alive Coffin: Was Dead Woman Alive in Coffin Real? Know Facts!

In this post, we will discuss the Dead Woman Found Alive Coffin, why she is trending on the internet, and whether this news is fake or real.

Did you hear the news that the woman was found alive in the coffin? Are you looking for the reason why this happened? Are you looking if this news is real or fake? The news of women found alive in coffins is trending across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Thus, everyone worldwide is curious to know the reality of this news.

Since this news grabbed everyone’s attention, people across the internet are discussing this shocking incident. Moreover, people are also terrified at the same time to listen to this horrifying incident. So, let’s discuss every detail of Dead Woman Found Alive Coffin trending news.


Disclaimer- All the information in this post is derived from the internet; thus, we are not responsible for any fake. However, this post is only for promotional purposes.  

Why Dead women found alive in coffins trending?

In Babahoyo’s hospital, a 76 years old Bella Montoya was declared dead and buried in a coffin. When the woman was positioned in the coffin, she was knocking her coffin. The incident occurred when she was in the coffin, and her relatives performed a vigil before burying her.

When her relatives opened the woman’s coffin after five hours to change her outfit, she inhaled air. The entire video was shot by her son and posted on social media. Since then, the video has been getting viral with the title Dead Woman Alive in Coffin.

Further details of the video

According to the sources, her son Gilbert Balberán said that his mother started moving her left hand to open her mouth and eyes, and she was struggling to inhale air. That was the moment when he realized her mother was still alive.

One of the mourners took the video and showed the woman lying in the coffin, struggling to intake air. While other mourners said they were calling the police, they didn’t arrive.

Later it is shown that firefighters arrive and lift Bella Montoya after a few seconds. The firefighters lifted her on the stretcher and took her to the hospital, where she was declared dead. Since then, Dead Woman Found Alive Coffin has been trending on the news. 

What is the hospital saying about this woman?

As per hospital reports, she was declared dead, and her death certificate has been issued. She was suffering from cardiopulmonary disease and suffering from a stroke.

According to the sources, her son Gilbert Balberán said she was under intensive care, but now she is responsive.  

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A video is trending on the internet in which it is shown that a woman who was declared dead was found alive in the coffin. The woman was found alive when she found the coffin. However, currently, she is in the hospital, under-responsive. 

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Dead Woman Found Alive Coffin– FAQs

Q1. Is this the first time that such an incident has happened?

Ans. No, as such an incident happened earlier also.

Q2. Are authorities investigating this incident?

Ans. Yes, they are investigating the incident.

Q3. Who is investigating this incident?

Ans. Ecuador’s health ministry set up a committee to investigate the incident.

Q4. What is the reason that women are found alive again?

Ans. The reason for this incident is not found yet. However, to know the latest update keep in touch with our updated posts.

Q5. Is Bella Montoya the only person found alive after being declared dead?

Ans. No, this is not the first time somebody declared dead was found alive.

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