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Dc Young Fly Wife Die: What Happened to DC Young Fly Wife? Also Explore Her Full Wikipedia Details Along With Net Worth, And Kids

The article explains the cause of death of Jacky, along with the personal information. People can obtain information about Jacky by reading DC Young Fly Wife Die.

Do you know who DC Young is? Who is the wife of DC? Do you have any idea about them? Is DC Young wife died? What was the reason for the death? When she passed away? Jacky was from the United States. Know more information about it by reading the DC Young Fly Wife Die.


Who was DC Young’s Wife?

Jacky was the name of DC Young wife. She was best known for her role on Wild ‘n Out on MTV but was also an actress, model, and television personality. During DC Young Fly’s rookie season on Wild ‘n Out in 2015, Jacky and DC Young Fly reportedly met in a hotel lobby. The two have been dating since then. DC Young Fly Kids’ details are provided in the article.

A baby girl named Nova was born to them in October 2016. As part of their family, they welcomed a second child in 2020, Nala. A third child, Prince, was born to the couple in 2022. Los Angeles is home to the family. She was also a prominent social media influencer with over 900k Instagram followers.

What happened to DC Young Fly?

The 32-year-old partner of DC Young Fly, Jacky Oh, has passed away. The reports indicate that Jacky passed away due to heart failure following Mommy Makeover in Miami. The official reason for the loss was not yet disclosed.

The “mommy makeover” surgery is designed to improve or restore how an individual looks after childbirth. It frequently entails a variety of cosmetic treatments.

As per sources, Jacky and DC never Married, and they remained as a couple. They had 3 children together.  Names of daughters are Nova and Nala,. Their son Prince was just born last year. Jacky was just 32. The real name of Jacky was Jacklyn Smith. The Wild ‘N Out game show is where the reality TV actress, Social Media sensation, model and businesswoman is most recognised for her performances.


  • Name: Jacklyn Smith
  • Short name: Jacky
  • Born on: November 3rd 1990
  • Place of Birth: Oakland, California
  • Age: 32 years
  • Partner: DC Young Fly
  • Children: 3
  • Died on: June 1st 2023
  • Profession: Actress, model, Business Woman
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Net worth: $ 200, 000

Her surgery and the following death’s specific causes are still unknown. People are unfortunate after knowing the end of Jacky. Her loss is enormous. She was trending as Wild N’ Out family person. On Instagram, one of the friends of Jacky stated that she was a lovable friend and best colleague. Jacky was a fantastic mother to three kids. People shower their condolences to the family of Jacky.

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As per online sources, Jacky, who was in a relationship with DC Young, passed away on June 1st. The cause of the death was heart failure. The failure was due to the surgery that she had undergone for Mommy Makeover. Her age was just 32. Know more information about Jacky online.

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DC Young Fly Wife Die- FAQ        

Q1. Who was the wife of DC Young Fly?

The partner’s name is DC Young, and it was Ms Jacky Oh. They have been together since 2015.

Q2. What was Jacky’s age?

Jacky was 32 years old.

Q3. DC Young and Jacky had children?

Dc Young and Jacky had three children. They are Nova, Nala and Prince.

Q4. What was the reason for the death?

The cause of death was heart failure after undergoing Mommy Makeover in Miami.

Q5. What was the net worth of Jacky?

Her Net worth of Jacky was $200000.

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