Dbix Coin Exchange (May 2021) How to Buy Coin Price

Dbix Coin Exchange (May 2021) How to Buy? Coin Price

Dbix Coin Exchange (May 2021) How to Buy? Coin Price >> The following article is based on the truth of a cryptocurrency that claimed to be the official blockchain of Dubai.

Are you a crypto coin fanatic? Are you in search of a new high-profit crypto token to capitalize on it? Certainly?

In this article, you will get every detail about the trending Dbix Coin Exchange aka the Dubai Coin. People from the United Arab Emirates, India, and the United States have been heavily investing in DBIX. 

Please read this article carefully as cryptocurrencies have market risk, and not all crypto coins are legal or legitimate. 

A Short Note on Dubai Coin or DBIX

ArabianChain Technology is the corporation behind DBIX. They claim to be the original community blockchain in the region of Dubai. Their website claimed that it allows its users to mine the exchange and preserve the blockchain records.

The newly launched cryptocurrency token, based on the community blockchain, saw the Dbix Coin Exchange price up by over 1,000 percent within 24 hours of its launch.

The DBIX was primarily launched at the price of $0.17 per token. However, the DBIX price increased to over $1.5 per Dubai Coin just after a day of its launch.

About DBIX Founders 

According to the sources and the official website of Arabian Chain Technology, the Dubai Coin is an open-sourced and community or run by people token. The company claimed that the cryptocurrency is officially run by the authorized Govt. people, but the Dubai Government has denied this and said it is just a false claim of Dbix Coin Exchange.

DBIX Token’s Price Chart and Supply Statistics

  • The current price of DBIX is $0.270232.
  • The DBIX token has seen a 6% drop in volume today.
  • The current Volume of the Dubai Coin is $130,603.
  • The all-time high price of the token was $1.5 per DBIX seen on 26th May. 
  • The market cap and the official supply of the coin are unknown.
  • The coin’s details vary from site to site. 

It is difficult to track the original DBIX stats and values as each website shows a slightly different matter on the Dubai Coin. 

How To Buy the token and deal with Dbix Coin Exchange?

According to the official Dbix Coin website, the easiest way to buy the DBIX Coin is through the Galaxy wallet. However, we found out that the Galaxy DBIX wallet is not authorized, and it might be unsafe to register on the website. 

It is possible to buy the DBIX Coin through other favorite Cryptocurrency wallets. 


  • Is DBIX genuinely the official blockchain of Dubai?

Ans – No. The Government officials have denied this in a statement. 

  • Is there any official authorized Dubai blockchain?

Ans – According to the Government, there is no official Dubai blockchain till now. Read here for more details.


The Dubai coin turned out to be a fake cryptocurrency. The Dbix Coin Exchange saw a mega spike in its prices within the 24 hours of the sale, but the prices are shooting down fast after they discovered it to be a scam. Read here for Bitcoin Scammer List 2021

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