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Dbd Pubg Dwight Skin: Check Dead by Daylight Event & Code Details! How to Get Skin?

Dbd Pubg Dwight Skin post has codes and other details for players interested in getting rewards during the Halloween event.

Do you want to experience the Halloween event in the Pubg game? Are you looking for a new update of New State Mobile gameplay? Krafton has decided to celebrate the game’s first anniversary by collaborating with the Dead by Daylight game of Behaviour Interactive.

This collaboration has created a lot of excitement among online gamers in Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States. Dbd Pubg Dwight Skin has all the updates related to the Halloween event of the Pubg game.


Cosmetics and skin as a reward in DBD:

The crossover event has created many opportunities for the players to win costumes and other rewards by reaching the milestone. The player can earn masks, costumes, backpack skins, and themed nameplates by participating in the event.


Cosmetics and skin as a reward in DBD

The event will start on 21st October and will allow gamers to unlock many rewards and goodies during the gameplay till 7th November 2022. They can also unlock Dwight’s unknown lone survivor outfit, Nurse Mask, and Dead by Daylight themed spray by participating in the Halloween event.

Dbd X Pubg Event:

Krafton is celebrating the one-year completion of the New State Mobile game by launching the DBD event in collaboration with the Halloween game Dead by Daylight. There are some guidelines for the players that one should follow while participating in this event.

  • The player can participate in the event only once with a single account.
  • One round of play will take five minutes for regular play.
  • Gamers can access the game through the Pubg X DBD mission event banner.
  • Play count is calculated when all participating games are finished in 30 minutes.
  • Matches played using unfair methods will not be counted as a completed play.
  • The player should use Pubg Dead by Daylight redeemed code immediately, as it will be unavailable after the event page is closed.
  • Mission will not be completed in a custom match.
  • The registration will be invalid after the redeemed code expires.

How to participate in the DBD Event?

There are many events in Dead by daylight; we have listed methods for participating in some of them.

  • Click on the event banner to get to the Dead by Daylight Mission page.
  • To get into the event, click on the start mission button.
  • Go through all the event lists and rewards associated with each gameplay.
  • Enter your favorite event and earn the reward associated with it. 

How to Get Pubg Dwight Skin:

Players must complete the quest given on the dead by daylight mission page to get rewards and other game items. 

  • Gamers can complete round one of the game and get the redeemable code for the Dwight unknown outfit. To redeem the outfit, players need to install the DBD game.
  • With the killer spray code, gamers must play and complete five matches.
  • The Pubg skin and nurse mask can be availed by taking the role of killers and completing ten cumulative kills in a row. 

Active Code for Dead by Daylight event:

Some active codes for the game, like Pubg Dwight Skin Code and others, are listed below for Pubg gamers.

  • WINNERWINNER – Pubg frying pan charm.
  • WARRIORPUPPERS – Puppers charm.
  • THREEWITCHES – 100K Bloodpoints.
  • CAWCAW – Feathers of pride charm.
  • Nice – 69 Bloodpoints.
  • PRIDE2022 – Two pride charms.

The Last Words:

Krafton is celebrating the one year of New State Mobile by laughing at the dead by daylight event. Players can participate in the gameplay and complete the different missions to get skin, masks, and other rewards. 

Would you like to share your experiences? Players of DBD can share their experience in the comment section.

Dbd Pubg Dwight Skin FAQs:

Q.1 What is dead by daylight?

It is a multiplayer game in which one killer tries to hunt down four other survivors.

Q.2 Why sometimes Dbd Pubg code doesn’t work?

The main reason for the code not working is players do not put the exact code; therefore, gamers should copy and paste the code.

Q.3 What are bloodpoints in the Dead by daylight?

Bloodpoints is the main currency of the DBD game and allows players to buy abilities and perks. 

Q.4 How to redeem code for Dbd Pubg Dwight Skin?

Launch the game, get to the store menu, and click the redeem button on the right side of the screen.

Q.5 How many rounds of play are required to be completed to get Dwight skin?

Gamers should complete one round of play to get Dwight’s skin and codes.

Q.6 What is the event schedule for the Dead by daylight game?

The event will start on 21st October and end on 7th November 2022.

Q.7 How to get more bloodpoints in the game?

Bloodpoints are given to players after completing each round in a different category.

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