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Dball To PHP (August 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Dball To PHP (August 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy? >> The guide shares details about the new crypto token used to reward players and update the in-game characters.

What if you receive rewards as Crypto tokens in the game? Would you like to fight with villains in virtual games and get rewards in Crypto tokens? Yes, Players can now earn Drake Ball Tokens by fighting with the villains and training the teammates in the Rooms of Spirit and Time. 

Since the liquidity pool is locked, holders of the token receive instant profit out of the token. Players have to collect the drake claws’ NFT that gives them the ability to update their power. 

Players in the Philippines are attracted to the game and want to know the Dball to PHP value.  

What is DBall Token?

DBall is the ticker symbol of the famous Crypto token DrakeBall. DrakeBall is the Play-to-Earn NFT based RPG game that is developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform. The gameplay involves fighting with the villains and training the teammates to earn rewards as Dball tokens. 

Dball Tokens are locked in the liquidity pool to enable the holders to make more profit out of it instantly. In addition, players can use the token to participate in the arena. The digital assets in the game are the NFTs minted in ERC-721 standard, and players are also allowed to trade them on low cost markets. 

But, players in the Philippines must know the Dball to PHP value before trading for a profitable investment.

Who Founded Dball Token?

After evaluating the official website, we have not seen any details about the CEO or founder of the token. The social media pages only have information about the token and not about the token’s founder, co-founder, or CEO.

We have only found that the token has 3772 holders, and it has registered a 205 414 transfer to date. 

What is the Market Cap, Supply and Live Price of Dball Token?

  • As per the live price data available on Coingecko.com, the token price at the time of writing the post is $13.76. Based on this information, the Dball to PHP value is 693.65 PHP.
  • The coin has registered a price decline of 6.4% in the last 24 hours.
  • In terms of live market capitalization data, the exchange has no data about the market cap. The fully diluted market cap of the token is $14 684 192.
  • It is noticed that the highest trading volume of the token in the last 24 hours is $2 497 733.
  • The total circulating supply of the token is 1 000 000 DBALL, and the maximum circulating supply of the token is 1 000 000 DBALL. 

What is the Current Dball to PHP Value?

At the time of writing the post, the live price of the coin is $13.76. The token’s value in BTC is 0.00029752 BTC, and in BNB, it has the value of 0.03851343 BNB.

So, when we converted these values, we have got the following prices.

  • 13.76 dollars is equal to 693.55 Philippine Peso or PHP
  • 0.00029752 BTC = 686.54269137 PHP
  • 0.03851343 BNB = 687.79 PHP

How to Buy Dball?

  • Signup with a trusted digital wallet and add funds to it
  • Link the wallet to any exchange and transfer the funds
  • Search for the Dball token using the contract address 0x088bebef4e371757509e64d3508b6da6f376e2ac
  • Check the Dball to PHP value and enter the amount of coin you want to buy
  • Set a slippage and swap the currency to Dball coins 
  • Hold the coin in your wallet and use it during the game


Q1. What is the official site of Dball?

A1. The official link of the Dball token is https://cryptodball.io/.

Q2. Which Contract Address to Use?

A2. Investors have to use 0x088bebef4e371757509e64d3508b6da6f376e2ac as the contract address to buy the coin.


Drake Ball token is the native token used in the famous NFT-based RPG game, and players are collecting the coins as rewards. Others are buying the coin to use in the game to update their characters and skills. 

But, you have to keep checking the Dball to PHP value before investing as the rate keeps fluctuating. Besides, if you are new to the Crypto world, ensure to check the future of Crypto in 2021 for a profitable investment and to explore well. 

What do you have to say about the game and the native token? Would you mind sharing it in the comments section below?

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