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David Katz Reddit: Read Exclusive Findings Of Twitch Shooting Video!

Read more about the background story of David Katz shooting video and its presence on David Katz Reddit and Twitch. 

Are you the person who is aware of the Jacksonville Landing shooting incident from United States? Then, do you see the David Katz Reddit news that is spreading all over the Reddit platform? Even though the incident happened in the year 2018, the shooting clips have been spreading widely, so here in this article, we are going to explain the availability of the video along with the background story in a detailed manner.

The background story of David Katz Reddit 

Davis Katz was an NFL video game player who participated in the Madden NFL 19 video gaming tournament, which happened on August 26, 2018. During that tournament, David lost the match, refused to shake hands with his competitors, and left the game scenario. He returned with a two-hand gun, and he shot the gamers and audience madly. The whole shooting video was recorded and telecasted on Twitch, and it got re-uploaded on Reddit and the YouTube platform.

David Katz Video

The shooting video of David was initially uploaded on many social media platforms, but currently, the real original video has been removed from the internet. In the shooting video, David Katz nearly shot 12 people, and among those two gamers (Elijah Clayton and Taylor Robertson) died brutally. Recently, a laser dot targeted at Elijah Clayton has gone viral. In David Katz Video, that incident is the most vital part because, after the laser dot target, David Katz shot the player. After shooting the players, David Katz committed suicide. Presently, we can only see some older videos of David, neither his shooting nor his suicide video.

David Katz Shooting Video

It was a real NFL video game tournament, so the entire game was telecasted over the Twitch platform, and the entire shooting incident was also telecasted during that period and reuploaded on various platforms. Currently, the specific shooting video is not available over the internet as the police officials have taken action. David Katz Shooting Video contains disturbing visuals, and it wasn’t suitable for people under 18 years old as it contained bloodshed and life-threatening voices from the victims. Recently, many Reddit platforms claimed to share the real shooting videos, but none of them were real videos; instead, they shared about some different shooting videos.

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David Katz Twitch Video

Initially, the whole video was recorded over the Twitch platform as a live stream of the Madden NFL 19 video gaming tournament. Even today, no one knows the real reason why David took the gun and shot at random people. After the shooting incident, many lawsuits have been launched against the sponsors and organizers of the tournament, as the real culprit committed suicide.

People reaction

David Katz Twitch Video news has been spreading all over the world, and many discussions have been going on the Reddit and Twitch platforms. But thankfully, no one gave a thumbs up to the actions of David. Because what he did was an absolute crime, and his intolerance towards his competitors shows his bad discipline towards the game.

Social media links 

Reddit : David Katz’s body after Jacksonville Landing shooting. He killed 2 people during a Madden video game tournament before turning the gun on himself : masskillers


Thus, in this article, we have discussed the David Katz Reddit news in a detailed manner. This incident happened in 2018, so the real video footage has been removed. Some websites and social media platforms claim to release the real video, but it turns out to be a fake one. Thus, kindly pay more attention while looking for such links.

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Disclaimer: This article talks about self-harm and shooting incidents.

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