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David Dobrik Insider Article Reddit: How Did he Get Famous? What Happened After Excavator Stunt? Does He Owns Perfume Brand? Check Ex Girlfriends Data!

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Do you love to watch YouTube videos? Have you heard about David Dobrik? If you know who David Dobrik is, you must have heard sensational news about him. Recently, a piece of controversial news about David Dobrik spread Worldwide that in 2018, David and his crew members physically harassed a girl. 

An Insider reporter named Kat Tenbarge accused David of physically harassing a girl in March 2021. People are still searching for the David Dobrik Insider Article Reddit topic to learn more. 


Disclaimer: All the information mentioned in the article is based on actual events. We do not promote any rumors or fake news. 

What happened after this incident?

On 20th March 2021, after this incident, David Dobrik’s YouTube vlog channel lost more than 66 million views in one day. He made two apology videos after that. 

On 22nd March 2021, Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit and Seven Seven Six venture capital firm’s leader, took the decision of staying away from David Dobrik after hearing the allegations against him. You can check the “Social Media Links” section for recent updates about this topic. 


What happened after this incident

Does David Dobrik have his own Perfume brand?

In 2020, David Dobrik founded his new perfume brand David’s Perfume. He started to sell two perfumes, one for men and the other for women.

  • David’s Perfume #01: Amber & Cashmere (For men)
  • David’s Perfume #02: Grapefruit & Sandalwood (For women)

You can buy perfumes from Amazon or the official website of David’s Perfume. The perfume got both positive and negative reviews. David shot the promotional perfume video with the famous model Charlotte D’Alessio. So, everyone started to think that they were in a relationship. 

The list of David Dobrik’s Ex Girlfriends:

In October 2020, when the perfume video was posted on YouTube, the rumor about David Dobrik and Charlotte D’Alessio’s relationship went viral. Some people thought that David was in a relationship with Natalie Mariduena. 

There were also rumors about David that he was dating Tana Mongeau and Madison Beer. But in reality, David Dobrik was in a relationship with his fellow YouTuber Liza Koshey for two years. 

Did Jeff Wittek sue David Dobrik?

In June 2022, YouTuber Jeff Wittek sued David Dobrik for the Excavator stunt. Jeff claimed more than $10 million from David. Jeff also claimed that David should never be behind the excavator’s controls. 

The YouTubers swung from a rope that was attached to the excavator’s shovel. So, when it came to David’s turn to control the excavator, he did it quickly. As a result, Jeff slammed into the excavator, and his bones were fractured and broken. Even one ligament of Jeff was torn. 

How Did he Get Famous?

David Dobrik is mostly famous for his comedy videos and vlogs with his group of content creators on YouTube. From the video-sharing platform called Vine (now defunct), David started to get success. In 2015, David started to make videos on YouTube. 

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The Closing Thoughts:

David Dobrik posted weekly four minute and twenty second’s vlogs. After the insider Reddit article incident, YouTube suspends David Dobrik temporarily for the physical harassment allegation. You can click on the link to watch the most viewed video of David Dobrik

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David Dobrik Insider Article Reddit– FAQs:

Q.1 What is the name of David Dobrik’s YouTube channel?

Ans. The Vlog Squad.

Q.2 What is the birth date of David Dobrik?

Ans. 23rd July 1996.

Q.3 What is the full name of David Dobrik?

Ans. David Julian Dobrik.

Q.4 How old is David now?

Ans. David Dobrik is now twenty-six years old.

Q.5 Where was David Dobrik born?

Ans. In Kosice, Slovakia.

Q.6 Is David Dobrik Insider Article Reddit true?

Ans. According to our research, it is true. 

Q.7 Does David Dobrik have any siblings?

Ans. Yes. He has three siblings Ester Dobrik, Sara Dobrik, and Toby Dobrik. 

Q.8 What is the net worth of David Dobrik in 2022?

Ans. Around $20 million. 

Q.9 Is David Dobrik married?

Ans. He got married to Lorraine Nash in 2019. But in the same year, they divorced.

Q.10 Is David Dobrik now single?

Ans. Yes.

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