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Dave Hollis Obituary: What Happened To Dave Hollis? Also Check Details On His Cause of Death, And Funeral From Reddit And Instagram

Continue reading the post, Dave Hollis Obituary, where we discussed the death news, how he died, what happened to him, and more.

Do you remember Dave Hollis? Who was he? What is the reason behind his death? People across the United States and Canada are extremely in grieve after hearing the death news of 47 years old Dave.

To learn more about his personal life, how he died, what happened, and more, let us continue reading Dave Hollis Obituary.


Dave Hollis Cause of Death, how did he die?

Hollis died on 11 February, but the information and details about his death have not been revealed. From the sources and previous news reports, it is said that he was visiting hospitals for heart-related issues. Sadly, he passed away three days before turning 48. According to the report, the news broke on the internet by his family representative who said Hollis died at his home in Austin, Texas, on Saturday. However, the exact Cause of Death Reddit and other media is still unknown.

Why are people shocked after his death?

There is an old Tweet of Dave rolling on the internet and people are sharing it following his death. It was 2021 August when he posted a Tweet questioning, “What would you do differently with the time you had left if you knew you only had two years to live? 

He continued, “Now that you know the answer, make a list of goals you can start achieving immediately. There’s no guarantee of tomorrow.” Followers are sharing his Tweet on Instagram and other media how deeper and harrowing Hollis’ message was. He died 18 months after this post.

What does her ex-wife have to say about his death?

His girlfriend, Heidi Powell, called Hollis’s death a nightmare and added this was not the way it was supposed to end. She started dating Hollis after his divorce.

His ex-wife, on his death, shared memorable moments with Hollis and said, “we are devastated.” The couple divorced in 2020, and she said the decision was respectful and healthier to end the journey as a married couple.

An Autopsy report will reveal the exact cause of death. It is shocking for everyone who knows him, as Hollis was last seen as healthy and young. 

Who was Dave Hollis?

Dave was born on 14 February 1975 in California. He has four kids Sawyer, Jackson, Ford, and Noah. The last picture he posted on social media was about her daughter Noah on 5 February.

Hollis managed blockbuster films, including “Star Wars,” “Avengers,” “Black Panther,” “Beauty and beast,” and more, while he was at Disney.

However, in 2018 he decided to join his wife’s business. He also founded the Hollis company. We do not know any news about his Funeral yet.

Apart from this, he was also a speaker and author who wrote several motivational books and shared his experience in the entertainment industry.


Dave Hollis died on 11 February and his followers were shocked to hear this news. He was about to turn 48, but he died. However, the reason behind his death is not known. You can check one of the books by Dave Hollis here.

Do you know how old his kids are? If so, comment.

Dave Hollis Obituary- FAQS

Q1. Who was Dave Hollis?

Dave Hollis once worked for Disney but left it to cooperate with his wife to run a successful business.

Q2. What was the age at which he died?

He died at the age of 47 on 11 February. He was about to turn 48 on 14 February.

Q3. Did he die by Suicide?

There is not much information about his death; therefore, we cannot comment on this. 

Q4. What is his ex-wife’s name, and how long were they married? 

His wife’s name is Rachel Hollis, and they married from 2004 to 2020. 

Q5. What are the names of Dave’s kids?

Sawyer, Jackson, Ford, Noah.

Q6. What Happened To Dave Hollis?

He died on 11 February, as announced by his family, but no detailed information was revealed.

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