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Dark Steel to Draco {Dec 2021} Address And How To Buy?

Please read this article to learn about Dark Steel to Draco and all its market details along with contract address.

Have you been a long-time player in the crypto market? Do you always search for new cryptos to transact in? Do you wish to know about gaming crypto that can be traded within the game itself? Then read this article to learn about the crypto within the game itself.

The game MIR4 has become very popular in the Philippines, and the players are curious about converting Dark Steel to Draco and trading this integrated gaming coin. This crypto has created and opened new dimensions of the E-sports world.

What is the MIR4 game?

MIR4 is an action, adventure, free-to-play multiplayer RPG game where the players have to choose a unique character and perform various tasks and activities. The game is free to play, which means that anyone can register and play the game for an unlimited time. Since the game is adventure multiplayer, other live players too can either accompany or duel against you.

Founder’s Details:

Draco is issued by a South Korean Gaming Company called Wemade Co. Ltd. along with the game called MIR4.

Dark Steel to Draco – The element:

One of the essential elements in the game MIR4 is the Dark Steel. Dark steel has many purposes in the game, and therefore, every player tries to collect as much as dark steel possible. One of the primary purposes of managing dark steel is that this in-game element can be smelted into the Draco coin. The Draco coin can be stored and traded within the game and outside the game as a cryptocurrency. The Draco can also be converted back to Dark Steel to be used in the game for other purposes. 

Dark Steel to Draco – How to get the cryptocurrency:

To smelt the Draco Coin from Dark Steel, the following steps need to be followed:

  • First, access the Draco Smeltery. The Smeltery can be accessed from meeting an NPC named Jae Joman in the Bicheon Castle, or you can directly head to the Smeltery from the game menu.
  • Then, to smelt dark steel to Draco, you must have dark steel equal to Darksteel Exchange Rate (DERBY), plus the smelting fee of a thousand dark steel per Draco coin.
  • It would help if you then created a wallet in WEMIX.
  • The converted Dark steel into Draco will get automatically stored into the WEMIX wallet after you have linked the wallet to your game ID.

You can also exchange Dark Steel for Draco by following these steps:

  • Exchanging Dark steel for Draco coins is very simple, and even the reverse is possible.
  • Take the DERBY equivalent of Dark Steel and convert it to Draco in the Smeltery itself.
  • The Draco coin will be sent to your WEMIX wallet.

Draco Coin Market Cap and Price details:

  • The current market price of the Draco Coin is US$0.0002832, which is stagnant throughout the Philippines.
  • The circulating supply of the Draco Coin is unknown.
  • The 24-hour low, as well as the 24-high of the coin, is also not given currently.
  • The Volume/Market Cap details are not present as well.
  • Dark Steel to Draco Market Dominance and Trading Volume is also not present.


Q1. What is the contract address?

A1. The contract address of this coin is not available.

Q2. What are the official websites and social media?

A2. (https://www.mir4draco.com/) is the official website, but no social media presence is detected.


Therefore, in our conclusion, we can say that this coin is very fluctuate and does not have any actual statistical data and market details. Also, there is no growth in the currency as crypto. However, you can use Dark Steel to Draco for in-game experience and usage. But, you should also be aware of Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them.

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