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Please read this account to be acquainted with Dapper Dinos NFT, a newly launched project involving digital dinosaur species that can be traded in Ethereum.

Are you passionate about dinosaurs? Do you browse science books to discover more about these extinct species? Would it interest you if dinosaurs could be traded as NFTs? Then, please check out this article to know more about this fun venture introduced into the world of cryptocurrency, with an intention to entertain the kids and benefit the traders.

In this composition, we have talked about a newly launched project called Dapper Dinos NFT, with which crypto enthusiasts globally, including the United States, are keen to experiment. 

What is Dapper Dinos?

Dapper Dinos is a recently launched NFT (Non-Fungible Token) initiative that would deal with virtual dinosaurs. The idea behind the creation of this NFT is that dinosaurs should be remembered not as aggressive creatures but as dapper, meaning smart and well dressed. The team has incorporated 9,999 randomly generated dinos into the system, backed by the Ethereum blockchain. 

The Dinos have different features like Dapper, Spiffy, Crisp, Nifty, Snazzy, Elegant, Fly, and Dashing, which vary on the Dappernomics Scale. As per the rarity, Dapper Dinos NFT has 8 types of backgrounds, 19 types of skins, 44 types of clothes, 37 types of headwear, 23 types of eyes, 33 types of mouths, and 7 types of accessories.    

Founder of Dapper Dinos

The creators of Dapper Dinos are two parents who call themselves Dino Dads. Their kids are fascinated with different species of dinosaurs, and they wanted to initiate an NFT project with the concept of saving dinosaurs, primarily for their kids and the entire crypto marketplace. 

The other team members are present on the official site with code names like CG, Philosoraptor, etc., who are responsible for designing the dinosaurs.

Initial Price of Dapper Dinos NFT

The team has set the initial mint cost of this NFT as 0.0555. 

How will Dapper Dinos Work?

The users can breed Dinos and Dino Eggs and trade them in the form of NFTs. They can acquire their unique Dinos and choose the value according to the Dappernomics Scale. The accessories that the dinosaurs put on decide their worth. For example, the Dapper dinosaurs wear scarves, which are less worthy than the Dashing dinosaurs, who wear cheetah tracksuits or dive hats. 

The developers shall release new Dino NFTs every month for the community. They shall also join hands with other projects and artists to gain popularity. The holders of Dapper Dinos NFT shall receive monthly rewards airdropped by the team. 

Upcoming Interesting Ideas

The Dapper Dinos team will introduce many exciting features to this project, attracting more investors to employ this NFT and raise the initial funds. They shall launch more dinosaur species like Plesiosaurs and Pterodactyls that have mixed diets.

A virtual space called the Cretaceous Park shall be created in the Dinoverse, which shall be free from meteors, unlike the Cretaceous Period, to rule out the idea of extinction. Furthermore, the team shall introduce challenging situations like incoming comets that could be tricky for Dapper Dinos NFT.

Presence on Social Media

The Dapper Dinos project is available on Twitter, where the posts mention all the required updates related to this initiative. Over the last twelve days, the team has proactively shared information about this NFT project, with one activity each day, such as choosing a charity, emoji contest, creating dino eggs, etc.


The team shall announce the initial launch dates of this NFT along with its Pre Launch Program (PLP) on 15 September 2021. You can view Dapper Dinos’ Twitter page to get the latest information regarding the airdrops of Dapper Dinos NFT

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